Interview: Dr Libby

Dr Libby is one of Australasia’s leading holistic health authorities. Libby travels the world giving seminars on health, wellbeing, nutrition and emotions to audiences over 8000 strong and will be a keynote speaker alongside Dr Oz and Larry King at a health conference in the USA later this year. Libby has just released her second (and already) best selling book ‘Rushing Woman’s Syndrome'.

You just released your second book, Rushing Woman’s Syndrome, what’s that all about? 

Rushing Woman’s Syndrome (RWS) describes the biochemical effects of always being in a hurry and the health consequences that urgency elicits. It doesn’t seem to matter if a woman has two things to do in her day or two hundred, she is in a pressing rush to do it all. She is wound up like a top, running herself ragged in a daily battle to keep up. There is always so much to do, and she very rarely feels like she wins, is in control and gets on top of things.  In fact her deep desire to control even the smaller details of life can leave her feeling out of control, even of herself. Overwhelmed, at times she feels like she can’t cope, whether she admits it out loud or keeps it all inside, adding to her wound up, knotted stomach. She is fortunate if her sex hormones are balanced. Most women in this state suffer terribly with their periods or don’t bleed regularly, and women who go into menopause in this state usually find it debilitating. I wrote the book to help women understand the "why" behind their symptoms and behaviours and to offer them practical solutions to the rush.

With a new book out and seminars all around the world you must be a busy woman yourself, what do you do to keep your stress levels down?

I eat a real food diet, low in stimulants such as caffeine and refined sugars. I eat very little out of packets. These dietary strategies alone make a world of difference to how the body responds to stress. I am very conscious of my breathing and because I've practiced tai chi for many years, as soon as I begin to breathe in a shallow way, I notice and correct it. I practice restorative yoga which can be done wherever I am in the world. I suggest women take part in a form of movement that has them focus on their breath such as yoga. tai chi or Pilates. 

What are your beauty tips for rushing women? 

Eat real food as often as you can. Schedule time for you. Get adequate sleep. Limit caffeine and alcohol. The skin loves fat so don't be frightened to eat fat the way it comes in nature, such as avocados, nuts, seeds, oily fish, coconut.  

If there was one food you couldn’t live without what would it be? 

Parsley :) Alkalising, rich in minerals including iron and it tastes great with lemon juice. I'm keen to make a change to an old phrase that would now say "A handful of parsley a day keeps the doctor away".

What are your personal tricks for boosting your own nutrition on the go

When I travel, I take a "green drink" with me. It is made from powdered green vegetables and grasses. I start each day with this. I also use Usana's Multi-Essentials to cover my basic nutrient needs and Proflavanol, a combination of vitamin C and grapeseed extract to help my immune system on long haul flight. My skin also loves this product

You travel all over the world giving seminars, what is your favorite travel destination? 

Without a doubt, New York City. It is electric and New Yorkers openly express how much they love my health messages. There is also an amazing range of organic green juice stores and vegan restaurants where you can eat so well and so nutritiously.

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