Interview: Alex Perry

Last month marked the exciting launch of the Alex Perry 2012 Collection, exclusive to Specsavers, a dramatic range that sees Alex explore a mysterious and daring side of fashion with seductive Victorian and Oriental influences.

The new ultra feminine range includes 10 additional dark and decadent frames, together with one limited edition striking red frame, again showing that Alex Perry has what it takes to make women feel glamorous.

Alex Perry’s range has been influenced by two main styles. The firstis a Victorian inspiration, which lends itself to ornamental gold detailing paired with dramatic dark colours. For the second, Alex drew inspiration from Asia, and oriental influences can be seen inframes with structural, clean lines and strong, vivid colours.

We had a chat with Alex to get the low down on his new range:

How would you describe your new range for Specsavers?

Ultra-feminine, confident and powerful not only describes the collection, but the women who wearit. This eyewear range again offers an inexpensive, yet glamorous, option for women who want to feel elegant and empowered.

Why did you choose Victorian and Asian influences for your latest collection?

The inspiration from this Specsavers range came from the Victorian era of the 1800s and from the Orient. A mixture of stylish embellishments and clean oriental lines. I never find it difficult to get inspiration for a range. I just look around myself, there is inspiration everywhere.

What were your favourite parts of the glasses-designing process?

Two things... the very first time I saw samples materialise after the initial sketches, I love seeing the frames become a reality. The second was shooting our first TV commercial, I couldn’t sleep the night before because I was so excited!

This is your second range for Specsavers. After designing clothing for so long, was designing glasses a natural progression for you?

I love things that are aesthetically beautiful for women, and I wanted a part in being able tocreate them. I’ve worn [glasses] all my life, I understand them, so the process was second nature to me.

We all know how hard it is to apply makeup with no glasses on. Do you have any tips on achieving a perfect look with no glasses on?

Invest in really great illuminated mirror that has a magnification side... it will make your make up life a whole lot easier.

Apart from a great choice of eyewear, what should every woman have in their wardrobe?

A beautifully tailored black dress... look for styles that use incredible fabric, and that are tailored. Invest in this piece... it will last you a long time and have you looking chic at the drop of a hay!

Last question, who is your muse?

It has to be my wife Mary, she is instinctively the most glamorous woman I know... even in old jeans and a ponytail.... there is something beautifully glamorous about her.

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