Holistic Beauty: Shirodhara at Spa Ayurda

Having heard about the intriguing Shirodhara treatment at Spa Ayurda’s opening  last year I decided I had to try this.

I could have my third eye opened, experience a deep relaxation and meditative state, achieve mental clearness and wellbeing afterwards just by having warm therapeutic oil gently poured onto my forehead. Yes please!!

So on a rather dull and wintery day I bundled myself along to Spa Ayurda on Ponsonby Road to meet spa owner Rippan Sandhu and to find out how they’ve been getting on since their fab opening (and have my third eye opened, oh yes!)

The first thing I learned is Spa Ayurda has a holistic approach where they focus on wellness.  As Rippan says, “Most beauty spas treat skin type only without taking into consideration to who that person is.”

Which when you think about it is only treating problems that are literally skin deep.  Spa Ayurda does a complete overview on the client before they receive treatment – and don’t worry it’s not as scary as it sounds.

“We’re looking for things like the client’s temperament, un-balanced trends and balanced trends within them. These things then influence how the treatment is delivered right down to the room temperature and the stroke pressure of the therapist.”

They get it pretty spot on too. Within 10 minutes of talking to Rippan and without me divulging all that much she had me nailed on my stress levels, eating habits and personality quirks!

Right, time to experience this for myself. I was led into a beautiful (and warm) treatment room which had an ornate wooden treatment table in the centre of it….

It began like most other massages with the therapist introducing herself then excusing herself while I de-clothed and robed up.

Once she came back, my therapist  explained the process in that I would receive a brief massage and then the oil pouring would begin.

As I lay back and closed my eyes to relax she rested her hands lightly on my body and asked for connection and all the tension to leave my body.  I had one of those unmistakable tingly goose bump moments and felt myself sink into an instantly relaxed state. So far so good!

Then the treatment began with a hand & foot massage, let’s just say that their idea of short is actually deliciously long and I was feeling totally blissed out well before the oil pouring began.

My therapist then gently let me know that it was time, the oil was here! The first moment that it hits your forehead feels slightly odd yet within seconds the sensation is like a constant warming energy connecting directly with your forehead.

I lay there for what felt like an eternity experiencing this slightly strange yet wonderful treatment. I came around with therapist giving me a gentle tap and helping me into a sitting position.

It’s then time for a revitalising head massage, a bit more of a brisk one this time to bring you back to earth so you don’t float out the door and into the traffic.

Clothes on then I was snuggled into a chair and given the most delicious, sweet, milky hot drink that is full of vitamins and minerals called Herbo-vit.

Overall, the Shirodhara definitely lived up to expectations. Rippan suggests having a treatment at least once a month to reap the full benefits. My own suggestion would be don’t do it on a night that you have to go out as your hair does become very oily and takes a wash or two for it all to come out – but the fabulous side effect of that is deliciously glossy hair for weeks after!

The team at Spa Ayurda have offered one Chelsey reader the chance to experience Shirodhara for themselves, click here to enter the competition

Spa Ayurda is on Ponsonby Road.

Shirodhara fact box:

Shirodhara is one of the most profound treatments in Ayurveda. A feeling of total wellness, mental clarity and comprehension is experienced during this treatment. Some key benefits  from receiving a Shirodhara are :
•    It calms the nervous system, increases blood circulation and oxygen transport within the body.
•    Reduces insomnia, helps to overcome stress and depression.
•    Improves memory, counters mental fatigue and tiredness
•    Regulates hormonal imbalance, good for post natal depression
•    Nourishes the skin and delays ageing
•    Counters anxiety and panic attacks, helps to reduces mood swings
•    Nourishing for the scalp and hair.
•    Eases shoulder and neck tension and helps to stabilize the seven chakras
Your body type is given to you at birth, a proper holistic spa will help you find what your body type is and teach you how to look after it for ultimate wellness.

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