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Ben Young, serial entrepreneur, speaker, author and founder of bwagy shares daily ideas on his blog in small digestible bites, aimed to make you rethink business, marketing and the world around you.

Sometimes you need to destroy, abolish, smash, obliterate an idea, a project


Just so you can unlock the new possibilities.

Retaining old systems, structures, ways of thinking hinders the move forward.

Thinking inside the square that has already been created stimulates limited thinking, lower horizons.

If you have an idea, something you want to move forward with and there are barriers in the way.

Get rid of them completely.  Destroy them.  Remove them from your systems.

I am constantly destroying something, this didn’t work, flag it, be dynamic and keep moving.

For example I regularly delete old blog drafts, it frees up space for new posts and directions.

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  • Wice says
    Anthropologists, archaeologists and historians are constantly looking for relics of the past. We revel in tracking our family trees. The Antiques Road Show is one of the most popular TV shows. We constantly watch TV reruns. Solicitors will tell you never to throw out documents. If I’ve learnt one thing being in business, it’s keep a record of everything!

    Do you have to destroy things to unlock possibilities? Not in my mind. We learn from mistakes and build on previous experiences. Keeping track stops you making the same error twice.

    Lateral thinking isn’t just for the empty headed. A brilliant way to move forward if you are stuck on an idea is to add something new, fresh and unrelated as a reference point and see where it takes you, or use the accumulated wisdom of those around you to spark something new.

    Ben’s advice today reminds me of student days. I had a friend who was never satisfied with her work. Rather than keep applying herself to a project, refining her ideas and building on it, she would simply toss days of work in the bin in frustration and start again. The result was that usually that she would run out of time and have to hand in something that was way beyond what she was capable of. All the promise of her experiments had come to nought as she had given up on them.

    I think life is a bit like that. As Einstein said “Genius is 10 inspiration and 90% perspiration!”
  • Anna says
    yer but maybe by destroy it can include giving things away?? clearing out the cupboards??
  • flowery3 says
    I agree wholeheartedly with Wice and Anna - avoid destruction, but find a way to clean a few slates!
  • KH says
    "Destroy" makes me feel a little uneasy too.
  • I destroyed my laptop by spilling icing sugar on it while baking a cake lol (don't ask) and now I have it for sale for parts to raise money to see my first All Blacks game live! Could turn out good yet :)
    • KH says
      Oh no!! Sounds like something I would do...

      You'll have to come back and keep us updated now... How the funds are going for that first live All Blacks game!
    • Wice says
      I hate waste!!
    • Starlite5 says
      I like way Ben describes getting rid of something, destroying is a rather forceful way but hey if it means that it'll make you think twice as hard and work twice as fast then why not? Sometimes to make any progress you have to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch. Isn't how it began?....with a great bang!
    • Mellow says
      Recycle,..... the landfill is full of destroyed items. The aftermath of disasters is natures version of 'destroy something'.... the outcome is to rebuild & refresh ....

      A new page, = a new leaf in time...
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