Why it helps to keep up to date with financial news

Very often it is not the information which is available that captures people’s attention. It is how that information is written and delivered. In the financial sphere, spread sheets of numbers and market trends are boring. Interlinked with engaging written content, it can become a captivating story which can intrigue the entire marketplace.


Leading financial derivatives companies, such as CMC Markets, Pepperstone and Etoro employ teams of economists and financial experts to deliver relevant content on the domestic and international market.


Here are five reasons why it is worth keeping up to date with financial news.


1.    It has an impact on the economy


Right now, New Zealanders have two major concerns. The first is housing affordability the second is job stability. These link back the financial sector and what the people at the top are doing. If you can understand the impact which each decision had, it will help empower you to make decisions against the current financial climate.


2.    Potential Investments


This draws off the last point in point one. A lot of people are looking at potential ways to create income sources beyond their 9-5 job. Financial news and updates provide you with information that can help you make decisions on how you would like to invest. You could evaluate whether to make your mortgage rate fixed or floating, whether to sell the shares in your portfolio or looking at other passive incomes avenues. Be careful though; not all investments are good investments.

3.    Your retirement depends on it


People who are the most comfortable financially in their retirement are not always hot shot lawyers or medical doctors. Its people who have made sure their investment and financial portfolio is a good reflection of what is going to go up in the markets, rather than what is currently happening.


4.    You can apply that knowledge


We all know someone in our lives who seems to have all of the insider information first. They’re the ones telling everyone about someone’s engagement, the first to know about a great new restaurant and the best source of information on new books and TV series.

According to international speaker Robin Banks “applied knowledge is power.” It’s never enough to just know about something. There has to come a time when you act on it and make it happen. Talking about what you know can help others around you, it can score you some brownie points at work and allows people to see that you are not a one trick pony.


5.    It provides you with perspectives


You cannot just read news which you are going to agree with. It prevents you from seeing other perspectives and in a way, leads to confirmation bias.

Reading a range of financial news perspectives on allows you to learn more and opens your eyes up to new beliefs, which may be driven more by facts than your current position.

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