Free T-Shirts are so boring


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First off.

They’re free.  


Which establishes low value. So we’re not actually likely to wear them at all.

Given the cost I suspect that getting you to wear them is not the key part, they want you to discuss their product as you received a freebie.

Let’s change this.

How about, you hire a designer off threadless to make an awesome t-shirt that may or may not feature your brand and give it away.  

You then provide two opportunities for conversation.

1) X company gave me freebies.

2) Hey I like your t-shirt where did you get it from?

3) You will actually desire to wear the t-shirt vs throw it out. (and thus allowing greater opportunities for discussion everytime it’s worn)

Give it a shot, why not? We all know everyone throws those t-shirts out anyway.

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  • Wice says
    Some items are fun for sure, but I really don't like sporting branded gear of any sort whether it's an Estee Lauder bag, or a bagel t-shirt. However, I know these items are used and appreciated by others with different ideas.

    As for free t-shirts, these are invariably generic. They are not usually supposed to be fashion statements, but shout "promotional material" and there is a certain cult image in wearing them. If ever receive a promo t-shirt, I always pass it on to hubbie or an athletic friend to use as a running or gym shirt. They are idea for this - useful for the wearer and the promoter.
  • Anna says
    i always use free tshirts as gym shirts haha...
  • RoseC says
    I use my Tee's for night attire :-)
  • Anna says
    although... we give away teeshirts at work all the time and we always see the boys wearing them...
  • StillMe says
    I don't understand this article. First it says no one wears them, then it says 'give it a shot', then again it says no one is going to wear it. Huh?

    I don't wear 'advertising' shirts from companies, unless it's a freakin' awesome company that I'm proud to be associated with (can't think of many off the top of my head. Maybe Apple) and it's also a cool shirt, but I do wear Cast and Crew shirts from movies I've worked on. We're filming a feature film next year and will most likely to t-shirts for cast and crew. But they will be awesome... :)
  • New Member says
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