10 Questions with Daphne Gehrels

Daphne Gehrels has the best job title around, she is responsible for customer happiness at Ooooby, which stands for “Out Of Our Own Backyards”. This great Kiwi company is now expanding around the world with an opportunity for you to be part of making that happen. Daphne talks to Chelsey:


1. What is Ooooby?

Ooooby is a highly efficient food distribution system with the mission to make local food convenient, affordable and fair everywhere.

2. What's your role with them?

I am in charge of "Customer Happiness" for the Auckland hub and help other Ooooby hubs get started with their own operations aroudn New Zealand. 

3. What's the craziest vegetable or fruit you've come across in an Ooooby box?

This would be the Stinging Nettle, when we had to warn our customers to be careful when opening their boxes that week :-)

4. You're not from New Zealand, why did you leave the beautiful Netherlands?

I caught the travel bug pretty early, with my first trip to the USA to work on a summer camp there. Since then I have taken every opportunity I came across to study or work abroad and have lived in Belize, Germany, Sweden, Australia and now New Zealand.

5. If you're not talking organic fruit and veges where would we find you?

On my yoga mat or in the outdoors, preferable both. 

6. You must hear a lot of vegetable jokes, what's your favourite?

What is a pirates favorite vegetable? Aaarrrtichoke!

7. What's your go to quick healthy meal?

Roasted mixed veggies with lamb chops

8. Ooooby is expanding its business using choose crowd - what is that?

Crowdfunding has been chosen as our capital raising method because it allows our customers, growers and crew to each have a slice of the pie.  It perfectly aligns with the philosophy of food for the people, by the people. We are basically asking everyone around us if they would like to help us development and expand our operations to set up more Ooooby hubs and get more local food production and distribution up and running by investing into Ooooby. 

9. If people invest they don't earn cash dividends so how does it work?

With Ooooby you are investing in a resillient food system, so even though there might not be an immediate monetary gain, we believe we are really able to create value for this and future generations by encouraging local food production and providing access to fresh, nutritious and sustainably grown food for everyone. Shareholders earn dividends just like with any other shares, it's just that our shareholders agree to only spend their dividends within the local food economy.  This is achieved by converting dividends into vouchers that can be used to purchase local food or pretty much anything to do with advancing local food development.  Purchases could include things like buying tools and inputs for your home food garden through to buying land for the purpose of growing food.  The reason we are reinvesting all dividends back into the local food economy is because we need to help more food growers and artisan food producers onto their feet so that supply can meet the ever growing demand. 

10. How do people find out more if they are interested in investing in Ooooby?

They can check out our blog or our website, sign up for our investor information list and attend one of our upcoming information events in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch. They can also contact us on 0800 66 66 29

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