Wedding Placecard Holders - How to Find Unique Place Card Holders

Ashley Rader

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Place card holders are not just a practical way of letting your guests know where to sit at the reception. They have the ability to be a decorative addition to your table and can serve as wedding favors for all your guests. You can get them to suit your décor and your colors and style quite easily. This means that of all the wedding favors this one serves as one of the best because of its double duty. There is such a vast selection of place card holders to match almost any wedding theme and style.


Chair place card holders are a great choice, when it comes to letting guests know where you would like them to sit. These can be as casual as the beach themed Adirondack chair tealite place card holders to a more traditional Victorian chair tealite place card holder. There is also a quilted chair place card holder/photo frame. There are also vine chair place card holders, which would be a great addition to an outdoor wedding. There is also the option of pewter chair place card holders.

Metal framed place card holders are an elegant choice, and the variety of choices can be matched to almost any style and décor. There are some like the beaded photo frame and place card holder, and the elegant arc photo frame and place card holder serve a dual role. The brushed metal photo frame is also a place card holder, as is the miniature silver photo frame and place card holder. Most of the metal frame place card holders can serve as photo frames so these would make a good selection to give your guests a gift to reuse.

Another place card holder option that does double duty is the ones that double as gift boxes. An elegant choice is the miniature chair or the bride and groom place card holder and favor box. Mint tin boxes are a great choice too; they allow you to give an edible gift and keepsake as the same favor.

Silhouette Place card holders come in many varieties. There is the darling daisy for a garden wedding, or the happily ever after. Using a nautical silhouette to accompany your ocean themed wedding decor or your beach side wedding, may well be a fantastic way to top your table. There is a snowflake place card holder for those brides who have planned a winter wedding, or the Star of David for a Jewish wedding. A silver fortune cookie is ideal for an Asian themed wedding. For a fall wedding there is a pumpkin place card holder and for a holiday wedding you could use the peppermint twist place card holder/ornament.

Overall place card holder's help you direct your guests to their assigned seating and can be a decorative addition to your table. So no matter what your décor is you will absolutely be able to find the appropriate place card holder, and if you pick one that has dual functions, it will serve as a continuous reminder to your guests.

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