Truly Unique Wedding Songs For Your Reception

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Every bride searches high and low for the perfect music set-list for her wedding reception. Most brides want something original and unique, but without going overboard. Before you start diving into your music, here are some tips to help you get started.

Wedding Reception

1.)   Think of songs that mean something to you as a couple. Most couples have songs that strum their heart strings and take them back to the place they first met, their first kiss, first date, engagement, etc. Picking songs that mean something to you will definitely bring back memories and will mean so much to you on your big day.

2.)   Choose songs that all of your guests will enjoy. If you'll be having a lot of older people at your wedding try to include some classics in your set-list. If there will be quite a few children at your reception, you need to choose songs that don't contain profanity or other obscenities. Your ultimate goal at your reception is to ensure that everyone will have a great time and up off they're feet, so be sure to select a set-list that will improve those odds.

3.)   Think about length. How long do you want your intro to take? Do you want your first dance to be short or long? These and other questions are important questions to ask when choosing reception songs. Most DJ's are able to fade out a song or make it shorter if you want them to, but most likely you'll need to meet with the DJ in advance to make sure he knows what you want.

4.)   Unless you just trust your DJ immensely, come up with as many songs as possible for your reception. That way your DJ has a lot to choose from when he's playing music. This will also give you peace of mind, and keep you from worrying about what the DJ might play. 

Now that you have some tips to making a great set-list, here are some songs that may help you pick out songs for every part of your reception.

Songs for Bridal Party Entrance:

1.)   "ABC" - Jackson 5

2.)   "Let's Get It Started"- Black Eyed Peas

3.)   "Hey Ya" - OutKast

4.)   "Love Train" - The O'Jays

5.)   "Celebration"- Kool & The Gang

6.)   "What I Like About You"- The Romantics

 The Perfect First Dance: 

1.)   "The Way You Look Tonight"- Michael Buble

2.)   "It Had To Be You"- Harry Connick, Jr.

3.)   "On A Night Like This"- Dave Barnes

4.)   "I Could of Danced All Night"- My Fair Lady

5.)   "All I Need To Know" - Kenny Chesney

6.)   "I Will Not Take My Love Away" - Matt Wertz 

Father/Daughter Dance:

1.) "I Loved Her First"- Heartland

2.) "In My Daughter's Eyes"- Martina McBride

3.) "Father and Daughter" - Paul Simon

4.) "My Little Girl" -Tim McGraw

5.) "When You Need Me" - Bruce Springsteen

6.) "Daddy's Girl" - Katey Sagal

You should be sure to include songs that will get everyone up and out of their seat like the "Electric Slide" and "The Cupid Shuffle". "The Tootsie Roll" and "The Chicken Dance", are also fun, classic reception songs that kids will enjoy.  The most important thing to remember is that your reception is about you and your significant other, and you shouldn't be afraid to choose songs that mean something to you as couple. 

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