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Keeping your wedding bouquet is possible if you are ready to invest a little time and money in it. A professional florist can give you the most realistic results through a process known as freeze drying.

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Find someone to do this before you get married, so that you can get them the bouquet in time. This usually requires that you do something within a timeframe of one to four days after the wedding to achieve the best results.

You may also preserve your wedding flowers yourself. Here are the pros and cons of using a professional and a tutorial on DIY bouquet preservation.

Pros and Cons of Using a Professional Florist to Dry Your Bouquet


· Floral preservation professionals will know the best agents for preserving the particular types of flowers in your bouquet.
· Freeze drying and pressing the flowers will maintain the most realistic look. These practices are best left to a professional.


· Be prepared to spend at least $100 for your wedding bouquet preservation.
· You will have to ship the flowers right away.
· Some flowers cannot be freeze-dried.

DIY Wedding Flower Preservation

Sand Method

· Use river sand for best results.
· Remove the base of the stems (about one inch).
· Fill the box you will use to dry the flowers one-quarter of the way full with the river sand.
· Place the flowers on top of the sand with the blooms facing up.
· Sift sand over the blooms until the petals are covered.
· Keep in a well-ventilated area for five days.
· Check the blooms for drying. If they are not quite dry, sift more sand on the petals, and let them sit another day or two.

Glycerin Method

· Purchase a liquid glycerin product made specifically for preserving foliage and flowers. You can usually find this at a craft store.
· Remove any imperfect petals or leaves. Wipe away any dust or debris. Be gentle!
· Crush the stems about two inches above the cut ends of the stems. You can use a hammer or a pair of pliers for this.
· Place the cut end of the stems into the glycerin solution. Keep them in this solution for up to three weeks.
· Remove from the solution when the flowers do not feel brittle and dry.

Pressing Method

· Gather your materials: background paper, blotting papers, glue, tweezers, newspaper, and a phone book or two heavy books.
· Flatten the flowers with your finger and thumb. Separate leaves and mosses.
· Arrange the flowers on the colored background paper. Construction paper is great for this. Use the tweezers to arrange tiny blooms.
· Place the flowers and background paper between the blotting papers.
· Place the entire packet in between two sheets of newspaper.
· Lie on a flat surface. Lay the phone book or other heavy books on top of your flower package.
· Leave them there for two weeks.
· Remove the papers and see your finished results. These are great for framing or placing in a scrapbook.

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