Picture Perfect Make-Up - Tips For Great Wedding Make-Up

Ashley Rader

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After spending months picking out the perfect dress, shoes, and jewelry, you've probably had your wedding day hairstyle on the brain. You've probably poured over magazines and had a couple trial runs, and now, almost at the last minute, you are finally considering your make-up. Your make-up is just as important as every other detail on your wedding day. After all, you are going to be taking pictures that will last forever, so it's important that you look absolutely perfect. A great idea is to splurge and hire a make-up artist to meet you at the saloon or at the ceremony venue to do your make-up. But, if your make-up artist makes you nervous or if you are just planning on doing it yourself, here are some great tips to ensure wedding day make-up bliss.

Make up1.)   As with everyday make-up, less is always more! You definitely don't want to look to overdone, so do your best to accent your best features and its okay to go a little darker with your make-up because of the photos, but try to keep it as neutral as possible.

2.)   You can mix your foundation with a light moisturizer to help it go on smoothly and help it absorb more naturally into your skin.

3.)   Don't over-do the concealer. You should pick on that matches your skin tone perfectly and use just enough to cover up those blemishes, redness, and age spots. You should also consider dabbing a little under your eyes to help with the dark circles.

4.)   Use powder to set your foundation and concealer, and to eliminate shine. Shine is definitely not the wedding day glow you are looking for! You should choose a powder that matches your foundation, and stay away from translucent powders, which tend to eliminate color and will wash you out.

5.)   Choose a blush that matches your skin tone and apply in evenly. A lot of brides tend to over-do the blush, which then in turns makes them look like a clown on their big day! Blush is definitely one of those areas where less in more and if applied evenly will give you that wedding day glow you are looking for.

6.)   Don't over-do your eye make-up. For an evening wedding, your eye make-up can be done slightly darker, but the best eye make-up is make-up that is done in neutral shades and makes your eye color pop. To make your eyes really stand out, you can take some white eyeliner or white eye shadow and put it on the inside corner of both eyes. This will really waken your eyes up without a whole lot of drama.

7.)   Be careful with eyeliner! You don't want thick, heavy eyeliner and you should apply it after you are finished with your eye shadow. You should apply it as close to the base of the eyelashes as possible, in a thin steady line. You can also apply in directly under the lower eyelashes, but it is recommended that you use your eye shadow to define your lower lid because it will create a softer look. You should choose a eyeliner that matches well with your shadow and your mascara.

8.)   You should choose mascara that matches your skin tone and really helps your eye color stand out. There are a lot of great mascaras out there that are specifically formulated to help make your eye color stand out.

9.)   You should apply a lip liner that is clear or the same color as your lip. This will keep your lips from looking silly if your lipstick happens to wear off and all your left with is a ring around your mouth.

10.)  Your lip color should be one that accentuates your coloring and doesn't look to over done. You should also use a brush for a more even application and to keep you from applying too much. Another trick, is to brush a little powder over your lips to help the color stick.

Just like your hair requires a trial run, so does your make-up, especially if you are doing it yourself, so you should consider setting aside a night every other week to practice applying your wedding make-up and definitely try to practice it the night or day before your big day. Remember this is your big day, so don't be afraid to splurge on some nicer, high-end make up, but be sure to choose it in shades and colors you will use long after your big day to make the expense worth it. As with everything on your big day, remember to have fun with your make-up, but stay away from doing too much more than your normally do or you will be able to tell in your wedding photos and it will look over done.

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