Hot Color Choices For Your Summer Wedding

Ashley Rader

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The best thing about having your wedding in the summer is not only the gorgeous weather or the fabulous array of floral to choose from, but the ability to get creative when it comes to color. Bold and vibrant colors are a summer necessity, so why not incorporate those colors into your ceremony and reception. Here are some ideas using some of today's hottest color trends for summer weddings.

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1. Gray with a splash of hot pink is replacing the brown and pink weddings we've seen in years passed. You may be thinking, "Gray, Really?!" But when you add a bright color such as hot pink it makes for a very elegant and gorgeous wedding. Consider decorating your ceremony with gray and silver chairs, tied with big, bright pink sashes, and have hot pink rose petals fill the aisle. You may have you bridesmaids wear either gray or hot pink dresses, but have them wear the alternate color as a sash and/or shoe choice. For example: Beautiful silvery, gray strapless cocktail dresses accented with a hot pink sash and wedge sandal would make for a fresh take on traditional brides gowns. You may also consider using tulips instead of roses, because they are not only a beautiful, early summer flower choice, but they also come in different shades of pink. Take your gray and pink theme, and carry it throughout, and go wild with it in your reception venue. Your guests will be so impressed with the elegant, yet beautiful feel these two colors bring to the occasion, as well as, relieved to see something different besides all the brown and pink!

2. Navy, Blue Violet, and a touch of yellow. Blue isn't just for winter weddings anymore. When you add a splash of yellow, and play around with the shades of darker blue, you are setting your wedding up to be a very regal affair. Consider having your groomsmen wear dark blue or dark gray tuxes with a bright yellow tie and pocket square, and pick long, dark blue dresses for your bridesmaids. Incorporate most of your yellow in your flower choices and accents, for instance you can use flowers such as calla lilies, alstroemeria, chrysanthemums, and roses which all come in shades of bright yellow. You can use the yellow flowers to accent your tables, your cake, and in your bouquets. Consider having navy blue table linens and chair covers, with bright yellows and blue floral centerpieces on each table. You can get fun with your bridal gown, by maybe wearing bright yellow shoes, or having yellow flowers put into your hair. No matter how you spin it, dark blue and yellow will set your wedding up to be fit for a queen.

3. Red and purple are two hot colors, that are perfect for a hot, mid summer wedding. Consider using a dark, vibrant red and a darker purple with a touch of pale or lighter purple. The two colors actually go well together and can be used in a variety of ways throughout your wedding. Consider your bouquets first, do you want them to be mostly red or mostly purple, and build for there. For instance, red gerbera daisies, red roses, with a few purple roses and dahlias would make a gorgeous bouquet and then you could put your bridesmaids in dark purple dresses, and have your groomsmen wear matching purple ties. Consider serving red sangria during cocktail hour, and decorating your tables with dark purple table linens and chair covers, but use red in your chargers and place settings. Red and purple is definitely a color scheme you can go wild with and use in every aspect of your wedding.

4. Aqua blue and gold. Aqua blue is definitely a hot color this season from clothes to make-up, so why shouldn't it be a hot wedding color? Aqua blue and gold are great for an Oceanside, beach themed wedding, because they give a clean, yet elegant vibe to any affair. Consider using mostly aqua blue from your short, cocktail style bridesmaids dresses to your table linens, but then use gold as your accent color such as in your place settings and to give your cake a regal look. A great idea, is to use gold chairs and to tie bright aqua blue sashes around each one. You can use these chairs in your ceremony and during your reception. Flowers should be minimal with this color scheme, but if you are wondering what type of flowers to use with such an odd color scheme, you should consider all gold bouquets with a touch of yellow. You can have your florist uses flowers such as gold and soft yellow roses, asiatic lilies, and chrysanthemums. Have the bouquets tied together with gold ribbon and accent the bouquets with a few pearls. You may also want to consider using these flowers in your centerpieces, to help tie everything together.

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  • KH says
    I'd love to see some photo examples of all these colours.
  • Anna says
    i sooo plan to have hot pink at my wedding haha would be awesom!! and sooo my colour... just might be hard convincing the hubby to be?
  • KH says
    haha! It would be hard to convince hubby to go for hot pink. I wouldn't let my hubby convince me to go for hot pink!
  • Anna says
    lol hot pink is awesome!! although i think baby pink is better for wedding i guess... more typical... but who wants to be typical!!
  • KH says
    I wouldn't go for hot pink but if you like it I agree GO for it. Typical is boring! Got to let your own personality shine through at your wedding.
  • Anna says
    lol yer and hot pink is sooo me... but i could so make it smart... mix it with some black and white and it could be totally... hot!!

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