Giving Back to Mother Earth Through Your Guests - Eco-Friendly Wedding Favor Ideas

Ashley Rader

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The wedding favors are usually a last minute thought of every bride. In the middle of planning their whirlwind wedding plans, wedding favors may seem like a minor detail, but especially if you are an eco-minded bride then there are lots of ideas out there for simple, easy, earth-friendly wedding favors that are still classy and elegant in their own way. Here are some ideas to help you choose the most creative, eco-friendly wedding favors for your reception.

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1. Tree seedling favors. Did you know you could buy tree seedlings from the Arbor Day Foundation for about $3.00? That's cheap when you consider how much you would spend on non-earth-friendly favors. The tree seedlings are two years old and the come well packaged, so you don't have to worry about a mess.

2. Soy candle favors. If you are truly eco-conscience, then soy candles are much better that paraffin or beeswax candles. They also have the advantage of burning cooler and longer, and you can usually buy soy candles a lot cheaper than any other type of candles.

3. Handmade stationery set favors. Handmade stationery can be purchased at many fine stationery stores and they are made out of biodegradable materials and many are made with wildflower seeds.

4. Small potted plant favors. Sending your guests home with a gift that just keeps on giving is the best type of favor. Visit a local nursery or farmer's market and purchase small flowers or other plants and plant them in small pots. You can even hand paint your names and wedding date on the pot to give it an added personal touch. You may even consider attaching specific care instructions for the particular plant you've selected such as what kind of light they prefer, how often they need to be watered, etc.

5. Flower seedling packet favors. Why not purchase some personalized seed packets and fill them with your favorite type of flower or maybe a type of flower you used on your wedding day? Wildflower seedlings are also great because they don't require much attention and they can be planted anywhere.

6. Cup o' tea favors. You can purchase personalized packets of tea or you can buy organic tea bags from your local super market or health food store and put them in pretty little packages for added effect. There is nothing more relaxing than a cup of great tea, and this is a favor everyone is sure to appreciate.

7. Gift of scents favors. Another great idea is to make satchels or potpourri bags full of organic herbs. You can choose herbs like rosemary, lavender, or rose petals, or you can get creative and create your own mix. You can attach a card to the bag that says your names, wedding date, and a brief history of your chosen herb and what it represents.

8. Charitable donation favors. Another great, eco-friendly gift is to make a donation to a charity of your choice in honor of your guests. Even if you just donate $1.00 per guest, your donation could add up to anywhere from $100 to $300 depending on the size of your guest list. You can find a list of great charities online or maybe ask around to friends and family and see if they have any charities that hold a special meaning to them. For instance if your grandmother has/had breast cancer, maybe you could make a donation to the Susan B. Komen Foundation, or if children tug at your heart strings, maybe you could make your donation to Feed the Children.

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  • saraj says
    I wasn't planning on favours for my wedding next year as they seemed like an unecessary expense and not really suited to our casual style of wedding. However, the idea of giving seeds or a plant is quite lovely :-)
  • awww those ideas are quite cute! I love the idea of plants! will pass on this to a friend!
  • KH says
    Love all these ideas. Eco friendly is a great way to go!
  • Anna says
    great ideas... adds another level to the gifts just in the fact that they are eco friendly!
  • New Member says
    Eco-friendly people are usually do their work on eco base system . They always rush to find economy of work in their lives. Sometimes it's good essay to find your work on eco environment so that you can manage your budget easily with the help of link. In my opinion the eco-friendly wedding is good idea.

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