Choosing Your Wedding Songs - The Bride And Groom's First Dance

The Song From Your Past

First Dance

Most couples end up choosing a wedding song that has a significance from their joint past. Maybe it was the song that played on the jukebox at their first date, or the song that was booming from the speakers when they first locked eyes at the club where they met.

Some people go as far as to use the song that was playing in the car when they took their first trip to the supermarket together. The options when choosing your first dance song are limited only by the number of songs that have been written and produced in the history of the world. So the choice of a wedding song to go with the bride and groom's first dance can be a difficult one.

You don't have to limit yourself to the song that coincidentally was playing when choosing your first dance song. It may have been a really bad song. So instead you can pick a wedding song that you and your husband-to-be both get excited about whenever you hear it come on the radio. Your wedding song should reflect you and the groom's likes and tastes.

Surprise Your Guests

The bride and groom's first dance is a key memorable moment. Many brides and grooms realize this, so they want to surprise the guests when choosing your first dance song. You can start off with a slow song and dance that has the crowd smiling and tearing up with emotion, then stop the music abruptly (think of a record screeching to a halt) and do a skit where you and your new husband tell the audience you're tired of all this sappy stuff. Tell them to stop crying; it's time to party! The bride and groom's first dance should get everyone in the mood for dancing.

Then you put on the real wedding song-something upbeat that you two, your friends, and your family will all get excited about.

Old or New?

There are many different classifications of songs to consider when choosing your first dance song. The first decision to make is whether the song should be from the old school or the new school.

That really depends on your generation and your taste in music. If you and the groom are a little older, choosing a first dance song that is reminiscent of your younger days makes sense. If you are a younger couple, the bride and groom's first dance will probably be something new and energetic.

A swing dance theme for the bride and groom's first dance may require some wedding dance classes to get you both on the same page. You can spend hours and even days choosing your first dance song. Just be sure that the song is original and reveals who you and your groom are as a couple

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Ashley Rader

Ashley Rader is the owner of Moments of Elegance, an online wedding boutique specializing in beach wedding favors, summer wedding favors and a huge collection of unique wedding favor ideas that will say thank you with style and will truly make your event unforgettable.

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  • Wice says
    A lot of words to say: choose any music you want You may need dance lessons. Still, it will be lovely to hear what music Chelsey readers chose for their first dance. Pity, I can't remember mine ;-(

    Here's a couple that had a heap of fun!

    • KH says
      It's great, I think, when someone does something unique and something that suits them both, as a couple, rather than sticking with the norm.
    • Anna says
      i have never thought about this actually... and we dont really have a 'song'.... now i needa go find one !!
      • KH says
        I don't have much reason to give it too much thought yet. I'm not that wedding crazy like some are though!
      • NHDN says
        We danced to Robbie Williams "She's the One" for our first dance.

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