Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Ashley Rader

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Burgundy, Chocolate Brown, and Light Blue


The first two colors in this color combination are deep, rich, and reflective. They are similar and create the same feel. The light blue freshens up the look and should mostly be used as an accent.

When choosing your wedding colors, take a few swatches and press them up against different areas of your venue such as the floors and the tables-even consider how the color combinations will look on your cake. You want to integrate each hue in an optimal way. No one color should overly dominate the scene. For example, you don't want everything to be chocolate brown with just a light blue punch bowl on the table. Maybe a burgundy hardwood floor with chocolate brown table coverings brushing against the floor and a shorter, sheer light blue fabric on top of that.

Use your imagination, and when choosing your wedding colors, don't be shy about buying actual fabrics and other decorative items in the colors you've chosen to get a better idea of how they will fit into your design.

Basic Black and White

Choosing your wedding colors doesn't have to be complicated. You can save a lot of time looking through swatches by simply choosing two basic colors for your wedding such as black and white.

Another basic combination to consider when choosing wedding colors is silver and white. But in this case you really have to accent the silver throughout your wedding ceremony venue and reception hall to make the color combination work. The silver can be a little hard to distinguish from the white in certain lighting.

Silver and Gold

A silver and gold decorative presentation for your wedding is distinctive because it combines two colors that would usually be paired with other colors.

Think of ancient Roman times, when money was in the form of silver and gold coins. Maybe you could offer guests specially press silver and gold coins as party favors. (Get ready to pay a pretty penny due to the increased price of gold however.) Think about belly dancers with silver and gold decorated outfits. Now think of how these two striking colors can come together to make your wedding a sight to see.

After going through the first steps of choosing your wedding colors, narrow your color choices down to no more than five. Get another opinion (or two or three) about which combinations look the best and personify you and the groom. It is your wedding, and you want the wedding colors chosen to reflect who you are as a person.

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  • Wice says
    I recently went to a wedding where there was no colour theme at all. You might imagine this would be a bit blah or yuk but it was really beautiful. The flowers used for decoration were predominantly wildflowers and grasses so the colours spanned the rainbow replicating nature in spring. It was so pretty! Although the bride wore white which focussed attention on her, the bridesmaids chose their own individual dresses in the colours that suited them; were a little like beautiful flowers fluttering around her!
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