A Toast to the Happy Couple!

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If you are the maid of honor, best man, or father of the bride chances are you have been asked to give a toast at the wedding reception. If you haven't been formally asked, you should know that traditionally these three people give the formal toasts, so you should prepare one just in case. If your suffering from a little stage fright, here are some helpful tips to help you compose a memorable speech for your happy couple.

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1.) The best way to start is by jotting down notes to help you as you write your toast. You could jot down how you know the couple, which one you know the best, and any funny memories you have about them together or separate. If you are married you could jot down some advice or some things you wish people would of told you before you took the leap. After you have some great material the best thing you can do is work with it.

2.) At the beginning of your toast, you should plan on introducing yourself. Not every one at the reception will know you or how you came to know the happy couple, so be sure to take a minute and let every know whose addressing them.

3.) After the introduction, you could lead into a great story. If you are the best man who has know the groom since his college days, maybe you could tell a great dorm room story that will have everyone laughing. Or if you're the maid of honor, a friend of the bride since childhood, maybe you could tell a touching childhood story about your best friend. You should make sure the story is appropriate and not crude, since there will probably be children present. The point of your story should point to how great your friend is and how much fun you've had with them since you've known them.

4.) The end of your speech should be when you give advice and well wishes to the happy couple. Maybe you could include a poem that appropriately reflects your well wishes, or you could give one or two sentences of advice. Like, "Be sure to never go to bed angry and kiss each other goodnight" or "you should always remember what brought you to this day, because it is what will carry you through the tough times". By ending on a sentimental note, you will be able to send the couple off in a memorable way.

Giving a wedding toast is nothing to worry about and by following these simple tips you will be on your way to giving a truly wonderful toast. You should choose to say what you feel in a well written and well rehearsed way, but be sure to keep it no more than two minutes in length so as not to allow yourself to be long winded. Remember these are your well wishes to the happy couple, and it's not about you. You are, in a way, representing all the other guests with your toast, and saying some of the things that may be on the minds of those who won't be able to give a toast. You should do everything in your power to take your job seriously and present your friends' guests with a touching and memorable send off.

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