A Little Something For Everyone - How to Impress Your Guests With More Than Just Cake

Ashley Rader

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While the wedding cake is always the focal point of every wedding, a lot of brides are going to a new avenue to give their guests exactly what they are looking for when it comes to satisfying their sweet tooth. Candy and dessert bars are becoming more and more popular on the wedding scene, and brides are constantly looking for ways to improve on this idea and make it truly unique to their particular celebration. Well, here are some great ideas to help you get the unique twist on your candy or dessert bar.

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1. Ethnic Desserts/Candies. If you or your fiancé have an ethnic heritage or are from a different country, you may consider having a dessert/candy bar that reflects your nationality. For instance, if you or your fiancé are of Spanish descent, maybe you could have a dessert bar full of popular Spanish desserts. Be sure to label each candy or dessert with its name and possibly an English interpretation of that name or ingredients. Your guests will have a great time looking over your dessert bar and learning more about your heritage.

2. Family Tradition Desserts/Candies. Another unique twist on the dessert/candy bar is to get your family involved. Do have great family memories that involve your grandmother's famous cherry pie? Is your fiancé always bragging about his aunt's snicker doodles? Well, here is your chance to share those great recipes with all your wedding guests. Why not invite all your family members to make a dessert or candy to contribute to your dessert bar. It's guaranteed to be a hit with all your guests and definitely satisfy them more than cake will.

3. A Night At The Movies Candies. If some of your favorite dates with your fiancé involve nights out to the movies, then why not bring the movies to your guests. You can get a list of candies that are kept on tap at your local theater and purchase all those candies for your dessert/candy bar. You can serve them in their individual packaging or arrange them in nice glassware. Another great idea is to provide your guests with mini popcorn tubes filled with popcorn. You may even want to purchase different flavorings for your guests to put on top of their popcorn. Either way, this type of candy/dessert bar will surely be a hit with all your guests and bring back lots of great memories for you and your fiancé.

4. Chocolate Candies/Desserts. If you and your fiancé love chocolate, then you may want to have a candy/dessert bar that only has different types of chocolate for your guests to pick from and enjoy. You can use different chocolate candies like M&M's, Andie's mints, and miniature Hershey's candy bars, as well as a host of chocolate desserts such as chocolate mousse, chocolate pie, and maybe even some chocolate chip cookies. No matter what you decide, don't be afraid to get creative! All your guests are sure to appreciate the time and effort you put into making sure everyone has a chance to have exactly what they want.

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