Best Sex Position to Conceive

There are many reasons that healthy couples, with no signs of infertility struggle to conceive. The research has shown that there is no strong evidence to show that there is no strong evidence for sex positions helping or hindering the conception process, but there are many couples out there who claim otherwise. 

Regardless, it certainly can’t hurt to try!

The Best Sex Position for Conceiving: The Missionary Sex Position

The missionary sex position is the most popular sex position, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s the position that most recommend using when trying to conceive.  It allows for deep penetration, getting the sperm closer to the cervix, and when the woman lies on her back it is the perfect angle to help the little guys swim downwards.

Use Gravity: The Deep Stick Sex Position

You want the sperm to travel down towards your uterus. Give the little fella’s a helping hand but placing a pillow under your backside to raise yourself up while in the missionary sex postition.

If you are flexible, try altering the missionary position by lifting your legs onto your partner’s shoulders, which will lift you up even more. This is called the Deep Stick sex position, because it allows for even deeper penetration, and is the optimum position for utilising gravity.

More Sex Tips for Conceiving:

Let The Brew Stew

If you jump up straight after sex, where do you think your man’s juice is going to go? Away from your uterus. Stay lying down, keeping the pillow under you for gravity, for at least ten minutes after sex. Aim for thirty minutes and use the time to get some cuddles in!

Don’t be a Douche

Sorry girls, hold out on this. Douching flushes out the cervical fluid needed to give sperm a quick path to the uterus.

Don’t go at it like Rabbits

You might think that having sex a few times a day, every day will increase your chances of getting pregnant, but in actual fact this can decrease his sperm count, and therefore decrease your chances of conceiving. Every other day around ovulation is optimum.

Enjoy yourself!

It can be easy to feel like you are having sex to make a baby, rather than having sex because you want to.  The female orgasm is said to help with conception, so do your best to make sure it happens! Even if you want to be strict about the missionary position around ovulation, make sure you mix it up during the other weeks to keep some fun in the bedroom.

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