Ben Dover Sex Position

Today's Tip: Put on a sexy costume to surprise your partner with. Costumes are always loads of fun in the bedroom, and if you choose something that they really like you’ll have them hugely turned on in seconds!

Today's Position: The Ben Dover position is like a standing Doggy Style position, but with one partner bending at the waist you'll get some incredibly deep penetration!

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  • Cinty says
    This can be SUPER awkward, especially if the female loses her balance! It won't be 'Ben' Dover, it'll be 'Phil' Over! Haha
  • ELCEE says
    haha love it Jacinta! Not all people are that flexible either ...
  • Lauren says
    I can definitely see myself falling over trying that one!
  • Roz says
    *cough* well I didn't fall over *giggle*
  • KH says
    hahaha...Ooooh dear
  • Anna says
    haha oh man now you guys mention it i think i might just fall over!!!
  • I didn't fall over. Honestly the best penetration.
  • Wice says
    I don't know - looks very much one-sided to me -intimate maybe, but what sort of thoughts are going through each person's head? The woman looks like she is just a sex object who is givng the guy a thriill. It certainly doesn't look very loving.

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