Your Sex Star Sign – Part Two

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

Here’s the eagerly anticipated final part of our sex star signs series. Determine what your star sign says about your style between-the-sheets and tap into a new sexual destiny.


Imaginative, artsy, and sensitive, for you, sex isn't just sex. It's a holistic, sensual experience.  You are not one for bed-hopping and are more likely to connect sexually with someone if you connect emotionally first.  You need a supportive and confident partner in the bedroom who can help you realise your full carnal potential. You enjoy props which appeal to your senses.  You’ll love the sophisticated blindfolds, masks and fantasy play, just released in New Zealand, from Sex and Mischief


Perhaps the most libidinous of all the star signs, sex to you is as important as breathing. You’ve had a lot of sex in your life and you take pride in your performance, constantly looking to learn new tips and tricks. You are also a generous lover who likes to share their expertise with your appreciative partners! Continue your research by perusing some books from sexpert columnists or watch some informative DVDs. 


Fire signs like you are into games of power and control. Bondage play gets your heat racing. You're a bit of a show off in the bedroom, and you have a theatrical poise when you set out to seduce someone.  You can be incredibly mesmerising and persuasive and it won’t take long for your partner to fall under your spell. You’re ready for some advanced fantasy play so try setting up your next performance using a sex swing or full restraint kit. 


Your seduction style is laid back but you know what you want. You don’t mess around when it comes to sex and like to connect with people with confident sexual energies. Frilly, fussy, romantic sex is not what you want. You like to get the job done with maximum satisfaction. Sophisticated, high-quality toys that can be relied on to take you to climax every time is what you want.  So give the stylish, and carefully constructed Tantus range a go.   


You adore gadgets of all kinds and are the most technologically savvy of all the signs. You love to please your partner with a variety of toys. You’re the most likely sign to have engaged in sending sexy messages and emails to your partner. For fun with new toys which will be up to your keen eye for construction, try the technologically advanced LELO range. 


You are in tune with your partner and you can both read each other’s energies with your eyes closed. You love a nurturing touch, erotic massage and sex that takes up a slow and sensual afternoon.  Add to this relaxed and blissful atmosphere with a sensual tickler or massage oil.

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