The Best Movie Sex Scenes of All Time

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

At, we steer clear of any kind of ‘special’ DVDs. No judgement, it’s just that pant-dropping pool boys aren’t really our thing.  But we’re always keen to hit the re-wind button on beautifully lit movie stars panting up a storm against the finest cinematography your Tight Tuesday ticket can buy.

Here are our favourite sexy scenes of cinema for your YouTubing pleasure.

The Notebook – ‘It was never over.’

We know it’s obvious but we do not care, because it’s Ry-Gos getting all kinds of steamy in the rain. And that is more than enough for us. True love reigns supreme in this clinch between lost lovers, which pulls at our heart strings while the panting and grinding against the wall bit is enough to get our other body parts racing. 


Pretty Woman – ‘He sleeps.’

Nothing quite gets us all tearful and hopeful like a hooker with a heart of gold finally kissing her damaged, wealthy businessman of a client, breaking all of her self-protective rules in the process. Really it shouldn’t have the effect on us it does, but for some reason, it works.


Monster’s Ball – “Make me feel good.”

Steeped in sadness, desperation and perturbed common ground, the sex scenes between Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton in Monster’s Ball can only be described as ‘hungry’, for more than one reason (ahem). Not the most light-hearted or romantic of our selection but certainly one of the most realistic.

9 ½ weeks  

 Not a film that is short on saucy bits to be honest. And given the premise of the movie is about casual sex and how it can’t last 9 ½ weeks without getting complicated, it’s hardly surprising. The outdoor sex in the rain, in an alley, is about as unrealistic as it gets, but you’ll rewind it. Twice.


Babealicious poor boy Leo charms the socks of the affluent yet unaffected Kate, and it’s the love story that transcends class that means we truly appreciate the steamy hand prints and nudie portraits that follow.

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