Secretaries & Doctors rated 'sexiest NZ professions'

A new study conducted by extra-marital affairs website,, has revealed the ‘sexiest professions’, with NZ men rating secretaries, models and waitresses as most desirable for an extra marital affair, while women prefer doctors, athletes and actors.


The study profiled 3,700 male and female New Zealand members, asking what the sexiest job for an affair partner would be. In a twist, the notorious infidelity website also profiled the ACTUAL jobs of its members!       

Men’s top five ‘sexy women’s professions’:

1)   Secretaries

2)   Models

3) Waitresses 

4) Nannies

5) Exotic dancers   

Women’s top five ‘sexy men’s professions’

1) Doctors

2) Athletes

3) Vets

4) Politicians

5) Lawyers 

However, when it comes to the actual occupations of members, the range of jobs wasn’t quite as exotic with women most likely to be school teachers, secretaries, hospitality execs, finance professionals or in HR. Meanwhile, men were most likely to work in IT, as public servants, engineers, ad execs or tradies. founder and CEO, Noel Biderman, says: “This list is fascinating. The perceived sexiest jobs are strongly informed by popular culture – for example, films such as ‘The Secretary’ or shows such as ‘ER’ produce stereotypical characters that people associate with sex appeal, power and wealth. The inclusion of athletes or politicians also demonstrates how people associate these roles with infidelity – which - in many cases is the reality.   

However, with a few exceptions, the actual jobs our members have tend to be more ordinary, which just goes to show that infidelity operates at all levels of society, irrespective or gender, status or ethnicity and simply caters to that demand.”  

About the research: profiled 3,700 of its male and female NZ members who actively cheat, asking which five jobs they considered sexiest in the opposite sex.

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  • Wice says
    How very sad! The results, for what they are worth, clearly reflect the idea that at least in a fantasy situation, men prefer women as sex objects working in subordinate roles, and women unfortunately playing to this wanting men from powerful or controlling roles.

    It made me wonder if more professional women had taken part, then may the roles might have been reversed, with women fancying the gardener, the painter or the postman and these less powerfu men fantasizing about more dominant professional women.

    Ok, maybe this 'reseach' tells us nothing we didn't already know. Affairs are not meant to produce children, but on a basic instictive level, I guess part of the survival of the human race is the mixing of genes so that we are attracted by differences and the unknown as much, if not more than familiarity and sameness.
  • Dee-Dee says
    ...what kind of women think being a politician is a sexy profession you are kidding right?....okay there is nothing more un-sexy then cuddling up to Gerry Brownlee and John Banks....ewww perish the thought....what happened to emergency service professions like Fireman, Police officers, Army and Navy men.....honestly lawyers?.....and these members of are too funny! politicians hahaha this is one to tell my work colleagues about
  • New Member says
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  • New Member says
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  • New Member says
    Yes its' right that the profession of the doctor and Secretaries is the good and sexiest in the NZ community. You have to see their hard work behind the scene professional custom writing service. Get the better power and inspiration from this zone of entertainment.

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