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Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson is the brains and attitude behind the playful adult toy website sexgear . She is also our official ‘sexpert’.

Okay, so I lied. Karezza might be hot but it is definitely not new. It's actually a flippin' old technique (we're talking 1896!) to increase the intimate bond with your partner. So what exactly is it? Well, brace yourselves...Karezza is the practice of lovemaking WITHOUT reaching climax. Instead, Karezza practitioners focus on control of both your and your partner’s orgasm.

But why?!
By placing the emphasis on affection rather than climax, this anti-orgasm technique serves to reignite the emotional connection with your partner. Taking the time to be intimate without focussing on any orgasmic result helps repair fading connections between couples. Women, in particular, reap benefits from their partner dedicating intimate time to them without any personal gain. The delightful by-product of two weeks of this approach is a slow building and powerful desire for climax which makes the moment of release all the more powerful.

How do I do it?
Step One:

Love is ... Just you and I ... and oxytocin. Or more realistic: Just Oxytocin ... and you and I. You should read description to dig up fully the real meaning of subject.

Quit climaxing. That means you. That means your partner. That means during your ‘together’ time. And during your ‘alone’ time. Commit yourselves to two weeks without orgasm (or however long might be a real stretch for you and your partner, every couple is different).

Step Two:

Spend your first few nights of your Karezza journey just being naked together. Sit opposite each other and admire the bodies that you fell in love and/or lust with. Spend time on eye contact and holding hands, but don’t talk, keep the environment peaceful and quiet. After 20 minutes, allow yourselves to sleep next to each other but not touching.

Step Three:

After 3-5 nights of the above, you can progress to quietly touching each other. Start my touching your partner’s chest, arms and face. Allow him to do the same to you. You can stimulate each other’s nipples and plant light kisses on each other. After two nights of this, you can move to gentle genital stimulation of each other. Use light, caressing movements to reconnect with each other’s most intimate areas, but do not allow yourselves to get close to climax. Spend at least 20 minutes after each session spooning. Do this for seven nights.

Step Four:

True practitioners never allow themselves to climax, even during penetrative sex. But by night 15, we’ll let you off the hook. Spend this night slowly allowing yourselves to climax with each other via intercourse and enjoy the improved connection and intensity.

Putting some time back into your sex life, and making it less goal-oriented can restore the connection of the first few months of your sexual relationship. Taking a holiday from your orgasm focus relieves a lot of pressure from sex, especially for women, and can release any passive demons we sometimes carry about our sexual performance. 

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  • Mellow says
    This topic puts more meaning into 'love' than lovemaking. Nice for a change with less expectations of that 'whim, wham, thank you mam'.
    Maybe this is extended foreplay that's been amiss.,
  • Dee-Dee says
    its just stimulation of the brain, especially for women who are more emotional so once a man knows how to make this possible then the love making will heighten

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