Five Ways to Make Condoms More Fun


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The condom topic can be totally uninspiring and a sure-fire way to kill off the sexy mood but with a little know how and a few tricks up your sleeve condoms no longer need be the nuisance that everyone thinks they are. So protect yourself and your partner from STDs and unwanted pregnancies in style with these five helpful tips…

Size matters

This may sound obvious but size really does matter when it comes to buying condoms. If the condom is too small then not only is it going to be difficult to get on and be more likely to break but it’s also going to reduce his sensations. If it’s too big then it’s likely to slip off during sex (and make him feel a little inadequate!). So how do you know what size you need? A quick and easy test is to roll the love glove all the way down to the base of his penis – if it doesn’t reach it's not big enough. Large condoms like Lifestyles Large and Glyde SuperMax Condoms are widely available for those who need them. There are also smaller condoms available like Glyde Ultra Slim Fit Condoms. These condoms have a smaller nominal width of 49mm to provide a tight, comfortable fit.  Though the standard size of condoms is about 7 inches long, the length can vary up to an inch and girth sizes also range so experiment with brands and styles.

Take your pick

When buying condoms, rather than speeding through and grabbing the same box of condoms that you always do (before anyone can spot you loitering!); slow down and take a look at the options available. It may surprise you to see the range of brands and styles available. Or if you don’t like buying them in public, go online and get them delivered discreetly straight to your door!

These days you can select from a varied range of textured condoms, like dotted and ribbed, which are designed to provide extra stimulation for the female during intercourse. Ansell Rough Rider condoms feature raised studs just for her pleasure whilst the Durex Extended Pleasure condom features ribs and dots for her, and desensitising lube inside for him to delay his orgasm and prolong the fun.

If you like your sensations to feel more natural then there are some other options for you. Extra thin condoms are designed so they barely feel as though they are there. The Durex Ultra-Thin condom is 20% thinner than regular condoms whilst still offering similar levels of safety and strength. Or check out my personal favourite, the Crown condom. This is the bestselling condom in the world and is referred to as the ‘skinless skin’ as it is so thin and feels like it is barely there.

Getting it on

When things are getting hot and heavy, the moment it takes to find a condom and put it on can be a real passion killer. So keep your condoms in an easy to reach place and try to incorporate opening the packet and putting it on into foreplay (generally the faster you can do this, the less likely he is to go limp), you could choose to keep stimulating your man with your hand or if you fancy yourself as a talented oral player, you could use your mouth. To do this, carefully cover your teeth with you lips, place the condom in your month with the nipple facing inwards, put your mouth against the head of his penis, push your lips against the ring of the condom and slide it down his shaft as far as you can then use your hand to unroll the rest. No doubt he’ll be impressed with your skills but if you’d like to make this taste a little nicer try using a flavoured condom.

The right moves

Using condoms can reduce sensitivity for both partners, but the right moves can help increase friction and enjoyment. Whether you are on top, in the missionary position or going at it doggie-style, try squeezing your legs together to create extra pressure and more sensation for you both.

Good vibrations

If you still feel that you need more stimulation when using condoms, consider investing in a vibrating cock ring. The cock ring will not only make his erection stronger for longer (so you don’t have to worry about him losing his erection), it will also send delicious vibrations up the shaft of his penis for you both to enjoy. The vibrating bullet on these cock rings are designed to stimulate the clitoris, just position it in the right spot for you and enjoy your pulsating ride.

So there you have it, five ways to make condoms more fun, with a little know-how a condom will never come between you, your guy and great sex again!

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