Demystifying Lube

When considering Personal Lubricant, many New Zealanders still think about good old KY Jelly. Many think that is the only lube on the market – but I have news for you.  With a multitude of brands, types and options, there is a whole world of personal lubricant options for you get to know.  The trick is to know which is right for you.

Who needs lube?

Personal lubricant is for everyone! Whether you’re masturbating or playing with sex toys, having oral sex or intercourse, lube ensures that you have consistent lubrication to ensure ultimate pleasure.  It becomes even more important as women age and their natural lubrication decreases due to estrogen levels in the body dropping.  Natural lubrication can also change during a women’s monthly cycle, before or after child-bearing and as an effect of their overall health and well- being.

 Advantages of Lube  

While you may be thinking that your sex life is great without lube, you could be pleasantly surprised at the new level it can take your ‘love making’ to. Not only do personal lubricants intensify sensations, help prevent soreness, and reduce the risk of condom breakage it can also make your ‘quickies’ quicker.


So what lubricant is right for you?  

To help you chose what lube is right for you I have put them into three categories and paired each with my favourite product. 



Water- based Lubricant

Water-based lubricant is the most common and most widely available type of lubricant.  It is great for intercourse, solo play, for use with sex toys and is ideal for use with condoms.  Water based lubricant is also easy to clean up.  However it can dry out quicker than other types of lubricant, but can be quickly reactivated with water or saliva.

Top choice: Durex Play Feel 50mls. Retail price: $12.99

 Oil-based Lubricant

Oil-based lubricants can be great for masturbation and hand jobs because the thick silky texture lasts longer than a water-based lubricant. It’s also great for sex in water because it won’t wash away. However, oil-based lubricant can’t be used with condoms or rubber sex toys because it breaks down the latex. It can also be a little difficult to clean up.

Top Choice: Yes oil based lubricant 75mls. Retail price: $39.95

 Silicone-based Lubricant

The silicone base ensures this lubricant is long lasting, always remaining  slick and silky feeling, so is perfect for intercourse with or without condoms.  Like oil-based lubricant, it can’t be washed away so is perfect for indulging in the water - although this does mean it is also a little tricky to remove. This type of lubricant cannot be used with silicone sex toys because of silicone-on-silicone reactions.  

Top Choice:  Sliquid’s Organic Silk. Retail price: $29.95

So that’s Lube 101!

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