Activities for Kids: 5 Ways to Get More Reading Done at Home

Reading is one of the best hobbies your kids can have – not to mention it’s an important skill to learn for the future. Unfortunately, today’s world of technology offers so many exciting things that sitting down to read might not be the thing your kids look forward to doing the most. So, how can you make reading a bit more fun and ensure your kids are reading to learn and to have fun? Here are five ways to get more reading done at home.

1. Chart your child’s progress

Kids like achieving things. You can get your child to read more by making the process a bit more exciting and monitoring your child progress. You could have a sticker chart and every time he or she finishes a book or reads ten pages (for example), you add a sticker on the chart. At the end, the child could pick a little prize, such as a favourite book from the store or another such interesting toy.

You could even have a game and progress chart with a single book. If he or she is reading a specific book, you could create a bingo based on phrases, characters or other such events and things from the book. If your child likes a specific author, you could progress the amount of books he or she has read from that specific author.

2. Start a book club

Reading shouldn’t just be about finishing one book and moving on to the next. While the act of reading can also seem rather solitary activity, it doesn’t have to be that way. You should turn reading into a group activity by starting a book club! This could just be between your kids, you and the child, or you could even ask his or her friends to join. Everyone would have to read a specific book and after a set amount of time, you would gather up and talk about the book. You can add some delicious cookies and drinks to the party and help the children to share the things they enjoyed most about the book. It can be much more fun to start reading a book when there is something like this to look forward to.

3. Scheduled story time

It’s easier to ensure you do more reading if you actually schedule it in. Most busy mums are rather good at using time management planners to remember the soccer practice and the dance lessons, but we don’t always plan for things such as reading. Yet, by scheduling story time into your daily or weekly schedule you ensure reading gets done and that the child learns about the importance of reading.

A good idea is to make story time about choice. You can let the child pick one story that he or she has to read for the rest of the family. You can then also read another one that you’ve picked. If you have more than one child in need of reading practice, each can have their own scheduled story time.

4.Create a mystery reading challenge

You could also make the reading experience more exciting by creating a mystery reading challenge. Choose a few categories that support the reading process, such as magazines, books, and cartoons. You can then have a few options for each category written down on a piece of paper. Let the child first pick the category blindfolded and then pick the item from that category. This makes the starting point more fun and it can help the child discover new ways of reading. It’s also a nice way to make reading more exciting since you aren’t just reading books – magazines and cartoon are also great for reading!

5. Exploring the world beyond books

Books are naturally not the only way to read more. Any sort of text will do and there are plenty of ways to add a bit more reading practice to your day. Story based apps and games, such as Story Craze and Rory’s Story Cubes, can be great for ensuring your child isn’t just playing, but also reading. Furthermore, board games can provide an opportunity to read – not only are some games more reading heavy, but board games always come with instructions. Your child could simply have the role of reading the rules and ensuring everyone follows them!

It’s a great idea to ensure your child has enough books at hand to start reading. You should pickup library books regularly, but don’t forget about the joy of buying books either. As mentioned above, e-readers can also seem more fun to young kids and get them develop reading habits. To ensure your books and gadgets doesn’t cross your budget limit use vouchers from for retailers like Audible, Booktopia and Ebooks.

Now you just need to test the above ways and see which ones encourage your kids the most. Don’t forget that by setting an example and reading books, you can also get your kids to do more reading at home!

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