French Polynesia, where it is, and what it's like

Peter R Stewart

Peter Stewart writes exclusively for Kenya Safari  as well as Worldwide Vacation Spots  and he has in depth knowledge of the places he writes about.

Many people consider French Polynesia to be the most beautiful, and even the most romantic place on earth. It is better known as Tahiti. They are in fact many islands, which are in fact several groups of volcanic peaks and atolls that are spread over hundreds of miles of ocean. Each of the islands has its own characteristics, from the broad lagoon of Rangiroa to the bustling market place of Papeete.

Taken together the islands of Tahiti are the most beautiful in the world, with their spectacular mountain peaks, lush vegetation, beautiful turquoise clear waters. French Polynesia comprises coral archipelago and volcanic archipelagos. The Volcanic islands of French Polynesia, can be split up into groups. The Society Islands are Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Huahine, Tahaa and Raiatea.

The Society Islands themselves split into a Windward Group consisting of Tahiti, Moorea, Tetiaro, and the Leeward Group consisting of Huahine, Raietea, Tahaa, Maupiti and Bora Bora. Each island is physically similar being dominated by tall volcanic peaks , surrounded by a coral reef, which shelters a lagoon, which in turn is bordered by incredible white sand beaches.

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  • Wice says
    Tahiti may be beautiful but it is also an extremely expensive place to holiday. I recently read on tripadvisor, that a member payed $85NZ per person for breakfast, a toasted sandwich and chips worked out at $39NZ - and this was in 2007!

    Further, if you stay on Papeete, which is the main island, the sand is black rather than white. Moorea or Bora Bora is a far better choice if you are after lovely beaches.
  • Anna says
    man looks absolutally beautiful!! but most of those islands do.... i wish i had money!!!
  • Wice says
    Here are some pics of two Tahitian islands to show you how very different it is depending where you stay. It would be dreadful to save up for your dream holiday only to find that you were on the wrong island - especially since the main island is the one with no white sand or turquoise water! Top pics show Papeete, bottom show Moorea.
  • Anna says
    i wanna be sitting on those beach chairs with a coctail in my hand right now!!!
  • Wice says
    Isn't it odd how much nicer white sand looks than black - and the colour of the water too. The same thing with the beaches happens in Hawaii - depends on the particular island you are on whether it’s white or black. . Guess it's like the east and west coast of NZ. I really don't like black sand very much but that gorgeous white sand is just beautiful.

    Have you ever been up North to the silica beaches. The sand is pure white like the softest powder. Here’s a photo I took in winter just as the sun was starting to go down.. The sea is quite choppy but it still has that wonderful colour and the sand is so soft and silky as white as you could ever imagine. We have such a gorgeous country!

  • Anna says
    i think the top photos kinda more remind me of some nz beaches... so doesnt look as exciting...??
  • KH says
    I agree with Anna...the darker sand looks so familiar....white sand looks like holiday to me!
  • Wice says
    Here are a couple of pictures of my the most beautiful tropical beach I have ever seen. It was on a little island in Vanuatu somewhere and I have never seen such beautiful water and sand - no nasty seaslugs or gooby bits you find so often in lagoons!
    • flowery3 says
      thanks for sharing those, wice - they look lovely. And I have heard that vanatu is one of the happiest countries too! I was wondering which island destination this side of the world would be the best for snorkling - anyone know?
      • Anna says
        omg i literally want to jump into my computer screen right now!!
        • KH says
          That is spectacular! Wow! It looks untouched.
        • Wice says
          I'm not a water person but I believe that Vanuatu is one of the best countries in the world to snorkell. Santos has heaps of old World War wrecks and Tanna has an active volcanic with a reef. It spits out stuff all the time - very spectacular. Nguna and Pele also have marine protected areas with good snorkelling. The water is amazingly clear and there is an extraordinary number of fish which seem to be quite tame.

          I went on a little submarine to look at coral. I also went to an island where there is a turtle breeding station. Big bathtubs full of baby turtles in the middle of nowhere. When we were sailing in the brilliatnt azure waters, pods of dolphins followed us everywhere.

          One warning about Vanuatu (hehe). It is an old custom for husbands to knock out their wives front teeth when they get married- first just to show that the women are taken, and second, so they look too ugly for anyone else to want them! Hate to say, some of them still do this.

          Another strange custom was relataed to traditional medicines. Lots of plants are used and serioiusly, they test them out on the old people first before giving them to the younger ones - just in case they die!

          There are lots of earthquakes in Vanuatu - literally all the time so if you aren't feeling too happy about this, then it's not the destination for you.
          • Cataren says
            I would love to go to Tahiti, thank you Wice for your posts and pics looks beautiful...think I have just added this destination to my Bucket List!

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