Tomatoes tart

How to make Tomatoes tart


80 grams of rye flour
100 grams of wheat flour
60 grams of cold butter
pinch of salt
5-6 tablespoons of butter milk

700 grams of red and yellow tomatoes
300 ml of cream
2 eggs
2 tablespoons of dried herbs (oregano, basil, mint)
pinch of salt
1 teaspoon of nutmeg


1. Knead flour with butter till the butter is equally mixed with flour without big butter chunks.

2. Add buttermilk to knead uniformed dough. Do not prolong it, too much warm emitted by your hands may spoil shortcrust pastry.

3. Place it in a fridge for minimum 30 min.

4. Meanwhile, wash tomatoes, slice them and place in colander to remove excess of liquid. Whisk eggs, add cream, salt, nutmeg and herbs.

5. Take out the dough from the fridge, roll out, place into baking tray.

6. Bake 15 min in preheated oven in 180 C degrees.

7. Take out from the oven, pour over half of eggs & cream mixture, arrange tomatoes and pour remaining eggs & cream.

8. Continue baking about 25 min.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.


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  • Wice says

    This is basically a quiche. I think that using frozen pastry would work very well for this and save quite a bit of time and effort. You could try making it with both shortcrust or puff pastry depending on your preference - really simple.

    As for fillings, using the basic egg and cream mix, you could vary these to whatever you like. Here are some of the mixes that I use (cook these first if need be and add herbs and spices to your personal taste):
    • smoked chicken and sweated leeks
    • sweet corn and crispy bacon
    • spinach and feta
    • mushroom and leftover chicken
    • prawn or tinned crabmeat
    • sweated onions
    • smoked fish and parsley
    • leftover vegetables

    You can also make sweet quiches the same way .
    • Arrange drained tinned fruit, e.g. apricots on the pastry. Add a spoon of honey or sugar to the custard mix and pour over before cooking.
    • Or swirl melted chocolate or sweetened expresso coffee into the custard.

    The sweet quiches look good decorated with whipped cream.

    You are really limited only by your imagination and what’s in your fridge or pantry.
  • Anna says
    yer its kinda looks like a pizza/quiche... always good to hear what different people use though... then we can mix and match the flavours...
  • kaiky says
    sounds yummy i love tomatoes will be trying this one when the price of tomatoes downs again
    • KH says
      Tomatoes are fun to grow. I'm going to grow some this year. Didn't get round to it last year.
    • Wice says
      I grow all my tomatoes in large pots up against a brick wall. They don't get a lot of sunshine but the bricks absorb the sun's heat and seem to enhance a quite shady spot into a good growing place.

      I usually put in six pots - two each of three varieties, i.e. two of the tiny round ones, two of the long roman ones, and two of the big beefsteak. This gives me sufficient to be able to give some away to friends.

      They seem to mature at different rates, always a few of each sort with big runs of each following one another. Last year I picked 141 tomatoes before they started going downhill and I gave up counting.

      It's not cheap to grow tomatoes however, as I only buy grafted plant which cost about $6. 95 each... then there is the potting mix and the compost. I make have own worm poo fertilizer from my worm farm so that free. Nevetheless tomatoes are so cheap at in shops at my cropping time, , it has to be more for freshness, love and satisfaction other than anything else that I grow them. Oh, and there's always the problem of caterpillars and white butterflies and slugs etc. too.

      Still, it is wonderful to have fresh produce. I just had look and found this picture I took some time last year which was filed under "Today's tomatoes" which shows the lovely variety of sizes I grow.

    • KH says
      If your short of space they're supposed to grow quite well hanging and upside down.

      I haven't tried it yet!
    • Wice says
      My Mum tried this but wasn't great. You have to start them up the right way and then turn them over. The weight of the tomatoes pulls the branches down and they break quite easily with any wind. You also have to make sure they get sufficient food and water to them which can be a pain when they are hanging up high. Not sure it is worth the effort. I know my Mum won't be doing it again.
      • KH says
        Good to know. I haven't read a lot about it but when I first learned of it remember reading some positive experiences.

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