An Online Shopping Sizing Guide

Hristina Serafimovski

Hristina is a media enthusiast and beauty/hair junkie. She watches way too many Art House films and has great (expensive) taste in wine.

Ever gotten really confused shopping online because you weren’t sure of the size you needed? Stopped yourself from buying something because your last experience was just a little off? Here are some tips to help you get the sizing right next time and shop without fear!

Shop by measurement not size

Sizing varies – in some shops you could be an 8 and in others a 14. Sometimes you might want a tighter fit, and sometimes a little more relaxed. Don’t fall into the trap of buying a size 6 because you want to fit it. Look at the item and see how it’s styled – is it relaxed? Is it fitted? Is it sitting snug but draping on the model? These things will give you an idea of how the item is meant to be styled. Then think about your own style and decide if you want this piece fitted or more relaxed. Make a final decision weighing this up, this way you’re guaranteed to get the look you want from the item.

Read the sizing charts on the website

These are usually very accurate and give you a good idea of the general measurements the clothes subscribe too. With sites like Asos where you get a selection of brands, read the individual brand description found in each item. 

Favourites never fail!

If you love a style of something and you know it fits you and looks amazing, buy variations in that style. I have 3 jean cuts that I wear on repeat in about 6 variations! (I love jeans…). If it’s a basic – even better. You can never have enough great basics. The other great thing about favourites is that once you know the size you need, you can shop around for a great online bargain.

If you must try before buy, there’s a few ways to do it!

Brands adhere to similar sizing. So if there’s something you love but you must try it before you buy, do some research and find out if there is a local stockist. Sites like Topshop are stocked around Auckland so go in and find out what works for you. If you’re buying from an independent seller (like TradeMe or Closet Drop etc) this works well too because you’ll know what size to look for.

If still in doubt…

Buy a size bigger than you think you are – this way you can take it to a tailor and have it fitted properly.

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