A Guide To Home Heating

With so many choices of heater available and so many different heating requirements, the question remains - “how do I choose the right heater for my home?”

To answer this question, Goldair has created a comprehensive guide that provides advice on heating solutions based on room size, home types and the question on everybody’s mind – how much they cost to run?

New Zealand’s coastal climate makes us particularly partial to humidity or moisture in the air, leaving us with some of the world’s highest asthma rates and unpredictable winter temperatures. Reducing dampness and keeping a cosy home are important issues for most Kiwis.

The Goldair Heating Guide explains the differences between heater types and provides the knowledge required to make a smart decision on heating.

Helpful tips on heating:


High wattage doesn’t necessarily mean it is more expensive – a lower wattage heater may just take longer to heat the room using more power. It’s more about choosing the right heater for the right size room.
2. Minimise drafts and heat loss around windows and doors by closing curtains and using draft stoppers.
3. If your heater has a thermostat, set it to high and then when the room reaches a comfortable temperature adjust your thermostat to match. This will help you decide your own level of cosy and save you from overheating the room and wasting power.
4. A timer that switches on and off automatically can also save you money – set it to warm up the house before you get home, there is no need to leave it running all day.
5. Energy meters are a great tool which allows you to monitor the energy/power your heater is drawing.

For most homes: Micathermic Heaters

- Heat up fast, thereby saving energy
- Double sided heating makes it great for larger spaces
- Run quietly
- Have no glowing parts so are safe for the whole family

Our pick: Goldair GMH220 
2000W Electronic Micathermic Heater

Cost: $38 per month (56c per hour)*

RRP: $199.99

For drafty environments: Radiant Heaters

- Radiant heaters heat people and objects – not rooms or air
- Use quartz or halogen tubes to generate heat much like that produced by the sun
- Great for instant heat when you come home cold
- Great people whose homes will not contain heat such as old villas or drafty homes
- Provide a warm glow and ambiance

Our pick: Goldair GIR400
2400W 3 Bar Radiant Heater with fan boost

Cost: $46.00 per month (68c per hour)*

RRP: $199.99

For prolonged use: Ecosave Panel Heater

- These panels use only 425 watts
- Lightweight and easy to install
- Paintable surface to match any décor
- Unobtrusively wall-mounted
- Great option for small bedrooms

Our pick: Goldair GECO203
Ecosave Panel Heater 425W with Digital Thermostat

Cost: $10.80 per month+ to run (or 12c an hour)*

RRP: $199.99

For fast heat: Ceramic Heaters

- Have no glowing parts making them family friendly
- Fan forced to work quickly
- Great for small rooms, quick heating and personal warmth
- Wall mounted or tower versions can heat larger rooms with limited floor space

Our pick: Goldair GCH260
1500W Ceramic Heater

Cost: $29 per month (42c per hour)*

RRP: $59.99

For portable heat: Fan Heaters

- Often the cheapest units to buy
- Great for personal warmth, small rooms and short running periods
- Small and portable to follow you around the home

Our pick: Goldair GFH130
2000W Upright Oscillating Fan Heater

Cost: $38 per month (56c per hour)*

RRP: $69.99

For gradual heat in any room: Oil Heaters

- Run quietly
- Are portable
- Great for gradual heating in any sized room

Our pick: Goldair GPOC4011
Platinum 11 Fin Oil Column with Timer & LCD Display

Cost: $46 per month (68c per hour)*

RRP: $199.99

For stylish heat that’s easy to move: Convector Heaters

- Use convection heating technology drawing air over a heated element
- Are lightweight and portable
- Suitable for medium to large rooms

Our pick: Goldair GPCV360W
2000W Platinum Convector Heater

Cost: $38 per month (56c per hour)*

RRP: $149.99

For space tight rooms: Panel Heaters

- Great for lounges, hallways and bedrooms
- Work on convection technology
- Run quietly
- Are complementary to a heat pump
- Wall mountable for tight and tidy spaces

Our pick: Goldair GPH320
1500W Panel Heater Electronic Control

Cost: $29 per month (42c per hour)*

RRP: $219.99

With all heating equipment, it’s important to remember to stay safe: always leave a minimum of 1m clearance in front of a heater.

For health, warmth, comfort, cost-efficiency and safety in your heating, check out the new Goldair “How do I choose the right heater?” guide this winter; found in most stores where Goldair is sold or at www.goldair.co.nz.

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