Spa Ayurda’s 5 Easy Steps To Look After your Skin in Winter

Winter is the season for dry skin, chapped lips, itching and skin inflammations.

Winter brings with it low temperatures, freezing rain and snow, a significant drop in humidity and dry cold winds that generally takes toll on our skin, the organ that acts as a barrier between our bodies and the external environment. It's true that winter weather can impact skin adversely. So it pays to follow a good basic skincare regimen to replenish moisture levels and protect against winter sun damage.

According to Ayurveda, winter is the ideal time to feed your skin the potent nutrients it needs to stay youthful and healthy. Beauty begins with common sense. It can be as simple as eating right, getting your beauty sleep, managing stress and following a simple, natural skincare regime.

Step 1 - Moisture replenishment is crucial
The outer layers of the skin tend to dry out more during colder seasons leading to flaking, inflammation and itching. The problem is further aggravated because of heating such as indoor fires and electric heaters as well as exposure to rapid fluctuations in temperatures as one moves from indoors to outdoors or vice versa. As humidity levels drop in winter so does our skin's natural moisture levels.

Keep the thermostat as low as you can handle comfortably to reduce dehydration from heating. Hot water may feel tempting in cold weather, but it can damage your skin overall. Shower in pleasantly warm water, not hot! Use creamy cleansers that will not deplete moisture from already depleted skin.

Another great way to help with moisture replenishment is to apply a body oil or a moisturiser after showering in the morning.  We recommend Ayurda's Oliana oil as it is perfect for delivering deep-layer lipid support. The Ayurvedic herbs, rich oils and antioxidants in this oil combat free radical damage and offer sustained nourishment to your skin, leaving it less vulnerable to the ravages of winter weather.

Step 2 - Protect your skin

Winter winds can be very harsh and drying on some types of skin. Choose natural fibres, such as wool or silk, as protection-natural fabrics allow the skin to breathe better. If you are not comfortable with wool, try thick cotton. Always dress in layers, so you can add or remove layers for comfort.

Sun protection is just as important in winter as it is in summer; wear a wide-brimmed hat and avoid direct exposure to the sun as much as possible. Remember your sun protection on that skiing holiday- as the sun at high altitudes is even more damaging, especially when it reflects off snow!

Step 3 - Feed your skin

Winter skin is very receptive to deep nourishment. This is the season to pamper your skin with rich nourishment routines, morning and evening. Eat almonds regularly to offer skin lipid support. Ayurda's Skin Rejuvenator for example, is a collagen enhancer and can help your skin look and feel younger by supplying the skin with essential nutrients.

Step 4 - Nutrition from within

Diet is essential to good health and great skin!. Include lots of leafy green vegetables like kale and sweet, juicy fruits in your diet. Drink lots of warm water through the day to help flush your system. Don't skip meals. Eat pure, fresh foods--stay away from canned or processed foods that contain additives and chemical preservatives. Cook with spices as they not only great flavour enhancers, but they can help you stay healthy and beautiful. Cumin, for example, helps flush your body of toxins which will  and this, in turn, can mean a glowing, radiant complexion.  

Step 5 - Follow a skin-friendly lifestyle

Get your beauty sleep.  Lack of sleep does not only leave you with dark circles under your eyes but robs the lustre from your skin. Sleep deprivation has been linked in recent research to long-term health problems including obesity. Manage your time, plan ahead and make sure you get your sleep. A soothing cup of our Ayurda Relax Tea will help promote relaxation and sleep.
Enjoy quality time with family and friends!

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  • Wice says
    I noted that chapped lips are listed as a common winter complaint. Here are a few natural remedies using products readily available to home:

    • Coconut oil – Dab on lips when dry
    • Honey and Vaseline – Dab honey on lips and let dry a few seconds then apply Vaseline. After about 15 minutes rinse off with warm water. Repeat daily to heal chapped lips.
    • Drink more water to keep the body hydrated (chapped lips are caused by dehydration)
    • Rub lips with a slice of cucumber to help Healthline
    • Dab lips with aloe vera gel to heal
    • Don’t lip lips as this will make them drier
    • Use creamy lipsticks
    • Apply clarified butter to lips before going to bed
    • Crush rose petals with glycerin and apply before bed
    • Dab lips with castor oil

    • KH says
      Thanks! I never used to have a problem with this (but do now). Some of these I hadn't heard of.
    • flowery3 says
      Vaseline also make a version including aloe vera - just a little tin, really inexpensive too.
    • Anna says
      i majorly have the dry lips problem!! thanks!!
      • flowery3 says
        I think dry lips become a bit of a cycle - they feel dry so we lick them, which then drys them out more, etc. So just using products to break that cycle often seems to do the trick. Just dont buy those really taste lip balms, as that just makes you want to lick them off!!
      • Wice says
        You are so right. It's really hard not to lick your lips when they are dry. Still apart from Vaseline, there are tons of inexpensive lip glosses that protect you lips and make them nice and shiny if you like that look
      • spa ayurda says
        Please note that dry lips or dry skin are signs of a Vata imbalance according to Ayurveda. Please see if you have any such symptoms like anxiety, constipation, stress and fatigue, insomnia, headache, flatulence as these indicate a vata (air element) imbalance. We suggest that you pay attention to these symptoms and alter your diet slightly according to the season (by avoiding cold food and drinks, for example), drinking more water to keep hydrated as well as eat warm cooked food.

        We also suggest that you do not lick your lips as doing so will dry them more.

        Another tip is to apply warm Ghee (clarified butter) to your lips 2-3 times a day and drink warm water.

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