Restylane® Skincare: Treat your skin – inside and out

Q-Med, Sweden, has announced the launch of a new skincare range, Restylane® Skincare, a unique collection of anti-ageing products for Kiwi women.

Restylane® Skincare combines carefully selected ingredients that improve the skin barrier (which prevents harmful substances like UV-radiation entering the body), increase hydration and improve the overall look and beauty of the skin. The products have been developed to complement the Restylane product portfolio, or can be used as a stand-alone skincare routine.

Whilst the original Restylane® dermal filler treatments – like Restylane® Vital Light* – create volume, definition and hydration from within, the Restylane® Skincare collection protects, hydrates, nourishes and rejuvenates your skin from the outside.

The Restylane® Skincare collection consists of six skincare products, suited to all skin types: Day Cream, Night Cream, Night Serum, Recover Cream, Hand Cream and Facial Cleanser. All products, with the exception of the cleanser, contain a unique form of stabilized Hyaluronic Acid produced by patented and proven NASHA™ technology, providing skin with proven protection and added hydration.

Day cream: protect and vitalise your skin
A soft moisturiser suitable for all skin types. Helps build the protective skin barrier, shielding skin from pollution and stress.
RRP: $79.00

Night cream: restore your skin’s natural health
A rich moisturiser suitable for all skin types. Allows skin to breathe and recover at night, and enhances the skin’s natural functions in as little as four weeks.
RRP: $79.00

Night serum: reduce your wrinkles and age spots
A rich and active formula, providing skin with a very high penetration of active ingredients at night. Visible results can be expected within a month: skin’s firmness and hydration improves, leading to a radiant and even skin texture and tone.
RRP: $95.00

Recover cream: calm and soothe your skin
Restylane® Recover Cream restores the skin’s equilibrium and health. It allows the skin to breathe – and has a calming and soothing effect on the skin, especially after beauty treatments.
RRP: $44.00

Hand cream: moisturise and protect your hands
Constant exposure to soaps, weather, chemicals and other external stress factors weakens the skin barrier of your hands. Restylane® Hand Cream develops the protective skin barrier, restoring hands’ inherent softness.
RRP: $39.00

Facial cleanser: cleanse your skin with care
Restylane® Facial Cleanser’s protective organic oils and ceramides make your skin soft and supple.
RRP: $39.00

Restylane® Skincare products are available from selected General Practitioners and clinics across New Zealand. To find your local stockist, visit

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  • Rorr says
    I'm all for anti-aging!
  • New Member says
    it is hard to find a really good product that actually does what it say's it does, this one indeed looks worth investigating, i certainly would be happy to trial it and share my hopefully positive feedback on the product.
  • fander says
    I like the sound of the night serum for reducing wrinkles and age spots. Will have to give that a go!
  • CEZ33 says
    Well I just turned 30, so I guess I need to start thinking about all the 'anti-aging' (I hate that term) products. Honestly I'd love to lose a few of my wrinkles, and lots of creams claim they can minimise them, but I would have to see it to believe it.
  • Lauren says
    Never heard of this, sounds good though!
  • KH says
    I hadn't heard of these. They look good. I'd be interested to know how others find them.
  • This is a great inspiring article. I put together one on a similar topic in an effort to help people keep their pores unclogged and prevent skin blemishes like acne, blackheads, and white heads. I know from personal experience how embarrassing they can be, and so it's important to me that everyone has the opportunity to have happy and healthy skin. Hanks again for all of your great research on the topic! how to prevent acne and blackheads

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