Repair winter hair in time for summer with the hair doctor

Has winter’s big freeze left your hair in a big frizz?

Wind, rain and cold weather – not to mention air conditioning that’s been cranked up – are a recipe for winter hair that’s dry, lifeless and hard to manage. But it doesn’t have to be thatway, says leading Kiwi trichologist (“the hair doctor”) Nigel Russell, who is also a Serville's senior stylist/tutor and creator of the Holistic Hair natural hair care range.

As a certified trichologist - a hair and scalp specialist - Nigel is an expert at knowing what’scausing our hair problems and has developed his product range to help overcome these issues.

Nigel has three hot tips to cure winter’s biggest hair woes:

1: Flaky scalp/lank hair - If you’re suffering from a scalp that’s a little flaky along with lank hair, try alternating your usual shampoo with an anti-dandruff variety fora quick fix solution such as KÉRASTASE BAIN GOMMAGE anti-dandruff shampoo.Remember, your hair gets very used to the same products so always rotate from time to time.

If you have coloured hair plus a flaky scalp, you need to alternate with the right kind ofshampoo as solely using an anti-dandruff shampoo will strip the colour.

To treat the problem at the root try a product such as Holistic Hair Hydrating shampoo($24.75). This shampoo nourishes the scalp using aromatherapy oils and organic ingredients,helping to prevent flakiness while not weighing your hair down.

2. Fly away hair - If you’re working in air conditioning you may find you have issues with “flyaway” hair, so try tying your hair back into a loose ponytail and applying a small amount of a good quality therapeutic oil such as Holistic Hair Therapy for Dry Damaged Hair ($26.85).Leave the oil in all day to give your hair a good, long dose of nourishment. Try this once aweek and your locks will be in tip-top shape by the time warmer weather hits.

3. Tired highlights - Consider going a darker colour in winter – not only does it suit theseason but darker hair tends to be more shiny and less prone to splitting. If you havehighlights, try keeping your colour more solid in winter to give your hair (and your pocket! ) a break from foils, or try the latest celeb colour trend – low-light balayage (direct hairpainting) for a more natural look.

General winter hair care tips:

Nigel says the key cause of winter hair problems is an oily scalp brought on by a mix ofthings – from eating richer comfort food, to spending all day in warm, conditioned air. Thisproblem can be avoided by not over-rubbing the scalp during washing as it stimulates oil glands, and keeping the water on tepid not hot!

When your hair is looking oily but you want to avoid over-washing it, Nigel recommendsspraying the roots with Holistic Hair Sea Spray ($21.45) then blow drying for a volume boost.

This product gives hair that fantastic salt air look, without damaging it, and reviveshair that needs a wash.

“I see a lot of tired hair at this time of the year which comes down to a lack of vitamins in your diet and from using hair products containing harsh chemicals, which will ultimatelydamage your hair,” Nigel says. He recommends taking a multi-vitamin during winter andkeeping up the fruit and vege intake to ensure the hair has the vitamins and minerals, such as calcium and zinc, it needs for good health.

Holistic Hair

Holistic Hair was born out of Nigel Russell’s desire to use aromatherapy oils and other natural and organic ingredients to resolve his client’s hair issues rather than providing “bandaid solutions”. It’s this unique combination that has wowed users of the range includingHollywood stylists on Spartacus and Avatar, and local stylists on Boy and all of the Outrageous

Fortune seasons – and prompted online orders from all over the world.

Holistic Hair products treat everything from psoriasis and female hair thinning, to overprocessed and damaged hair. The range is also aimed at other areas of wellbeing including helping to achieve a better night’s sleep – which is a key factor in maintaining a healthy headof hair - using natural sleep enhancers such as Lavender.

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  • Starlite5 says
    Hair is always such a big topic and because it represents so much of you it pays to have the right advice on how to keep it in tip top condition. With the creditials of the users of the holistic products it might pay to check these out but with the price tags I must admit they'll be one off purchases unless they are really worth their weight in gold.
  • Rosie says
    You are so right, Starlight - our hair holds a great proportion of our identity. These products do look lovely - I hope they work really well too.
  • Dee-Dee says
    I definitely need some flair in my it takes a while to condition it and then dry it out don't really like to blow dry it anything that can make it more lush is good in my books...I am considering trimming some of it before summer...but does a natural hair care range actually have anything over the other products besides it obvious being more naturally derived? does anyone use natural hair care products of any kind would like to know what you think about the product and if it is of any use
  • Anna says
    i deff need some repair to mine.. think i dye it and straighten it too much haha

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