Heels for girls who don't wear heels

If you’ve always struggled to walk in a pair of heels, and never fully mastered it, but want a little extra height, there are some different options out there for you.

You don’t need a pair of dramatic stilettos to get that height, and you don’t need to arrive home at the end of the day with blisters and cramped feet either! The latest styles of shoes have created the “comfy heel”, making it easier for people with two left feet.

Firstly though, it’s important to remember that not all shoes are created equal! Heels are definitely one of those purchases where it’s worth spending a little extra to get a pair that fit properly, and won’t leave you crippled after an hour.

If opting for a pair of heels, go for ones with a low, chunky heel. The higher the heel, the shorter your stride, and adding picking heels that are a bit thicker makes it easier to balance!

Wedges are a great shoe to try because their heel is about as chunky as it can get. Pick wedges that have a strap the wraps around your ankle for extra stability.

Shoe wedges are big right now. A cross between the traditional wedge and a sneaker, they are just as comfortable as a pair of casual runners, but give you extra height that makes you legs look long.

Boots are another great way to get some height, and they have fantastic ankle support. With winter creeping up, now is the time to invest in a good pair. Short, or long, just make sure the heel isn’t too high and that it has good grip in its sole.

Top tips for picking comfortable heels:

 - pick heels that aren't too high

 - pick shoes with a thicker heel (stay away from stilettos)

 - pick heels with ankle support

 - try before you buy - always have a good walk around in them before purchasing


Pictured: Skechers Raise Your Glass RRP$169.90

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