Guess holiday handbag collection 2011

Prim and proper becomes smart and sexy with the new Guess handbag collection. Elegant detailing and chic colours add a modern twist to ladylike classics.

Covet Garden LG317620 Brown  RRP$235     
  Alexi VG317320 Stone Multi  RRP$199


Karima PA319406 Stone    RRP$239 Kihei VY322418 Silver    RRP$109


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  • Dee-Dee says
    ...not really a fan...because most of my family and friends would laugh if they saw me tugging one of those all over the place...but they sure are nice to look
  • Anna says
    i usually love guess bags... but these dont do it for me...
    • Dee-Dee says
      ...hahaha...i am usually a messenger bag girl to really be into all the label bags and stuff when I was living in the US...but when I came back to NZ having those types of bags didn't do it for me either....
    • Wice says
      What the fashion pages say:

      The trend for designer handbags in 2012 seems to be "the bigger, the better". Today's on the go woman needs a handbag that can handle everything from makeup to cell phones and every other electronic device she needs to keep her in the know and in touch while looking fashionable and irresistible.

      1-Boxy handbag for 2012.The retro-inspired from boxy handbag trends for 2012. .
      2-Purses handbag for 2012.
      Bucket handbags there are no more in the season. 3-Chain long-handled handbag for 2012.

Next summer’s line will be marked by understated sobriety. It will see the triumph of the gracefulness of a medium-sized handbag that is practical, beautiful and made to last! The shapes will be classics like the shopping bag, the Boston or the clutch. If the maxi-handbag is almost completely out of the picture, the small-sized clutch bag will remain in view.

      Bags go with articles left to right then bottom
    • Wice says
      I love big handbags. Those tiny ones are totally impractical for me as I really can't fit everything I need in them - total waste of time. I also prefer soft bags t hard shaped bags - a more casual but chic look!

      I think I will forget the trends and just go with what I like. After all, who buys handbags any season any way. I always buy the best quality I can afford and my hangbags last me for years!
    • I was given a Guess handbag once, but it was too OTT for me. I gave it away cos it was expensive and I didn't want it hanging out in the back of the wardrobe. Handbags (like lots of things) are a very personal like it or hate it item. Personally I like a smaller one that the strap comes across your body, cos I'm great for putting them down and leaving them somewhere. Doesn't matter what size it is I still find myself fumbling around in it not being able to find what I'm looking for.
    • Foreverme says
      I so know what I want for Christmas now Guess covet Garden to add to my collection of guess bags...
    • Starlite5 says
      I wouldn't maind these as going out bags but for every day I prefer something big, black and indestructible and most importantly child proof to save my lippy!
    • Redeve says
      I think those bags are ugly, I wouldn't be seen with one. I love my bag to be big enough to fit everything in
    • Elisha says

      i got few but non of these. They must be new owns.

      i belive, have few but... good ones only. Thats what i telling myself all the time... it's working so far.
    • New Member says
      I like a smaller one that the strap comes across your body, such as the canvas messenger bag picture showed.[youtube][/youtube]

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