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Finding the right pair of sunglasses can be notoriously difficult. With so many shapes and styles, you can spend forever in the shop trying them on. And if you want to buy them online, it can be hard to know if they will look good on you before buying. Fortunately, there are some tips we have to offer on how to pick the right frame shape for your face, without the need for trying on a hundred pairs, making online shopping for sunglasses a breeze.

Heart Shaped Face

The shape: if you have a narrow chin and wide forehead and cheekbones, you have a heart shaped face.

Avoid: Glasses with too much detailing, especially at the temples, as this will emphasize your broad forehead. Stick to simple designs.

Wear: You have one of the few face shapes that look great with round glasses. Flaunt it! Check out this gorgeous D&G pair: 

Circle Shaped Face

The shape: The circle shaped face is round with few angles and the same width and length.

Avoid: Small and/or round frames as these accentuate the fullness of the face.

Wear: Wide frames with a rectangular shape, and angular frames to sharpen features, like these Carrera sunnglasses:

Square Shaped Face

The shape: If your face has approximately the same width and length, with a square chin, you have a square face.

Avoid: Square frames because they emphasise the angles on your face.

Wear: Oval and rounded frames look great on you as they soften your strong features. Butterfly frames also look amazing, like this pair of Ray Bans:

Oval Shaped Face

The shape: If your face is longer, with soft angles, you have an oval face shape.

Avoid: There isn’t a lot that you can’t wear. Just be wary of oversized glasses if you have small features.

Wear: You have the most versatile of faces, so you can rock both angular and round frames! You can also pull off a pair of aviators, like this Marc Jacobs pair:

Rectangle Shaped Face

The shape: If your face is longer, with an angular jaw, you have a rectangular face.

Avoid: Square or rectangular frames that accentuate your faces natural angles.

Wear: Rounded frames to soften your face’s features. Tall frames also help to shorten the face and oversized glasses, like this Balenciaga pair, look great on you:

Diamond Shaped Face 

The shape: Cheekbones that are wider that your forehead and chin, with angular features, mean you have a diamond shaped face.

Avoid: Narrow frames.

Wear: Frames that accentuate your gorgeous cheekbones, like rimless styles, and cat eye frames like this pair by Prada:

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