Chocolate cake with green tea cream

How to make Choclate cake with green tea cream


Chocolate sponge cake

    3 eggs
    50 grams of sugar
    40 grams of wheat flour
    20 grams of potato starch
    20 grams of cocoa powder
    40 grams of dark chocolate
    1/2 teaspoon of baking powder


    300 ml of green tea (instant tea)
    500 ml of yoghurt
    5 tablespoons of sugar
    4 tablespoons of black sesame
    5 teaspoons of gelatin powder
    white chocolate for garnish


1.  Break eggs, divide whites from yolks.
2.  Whip whites, till they change into firm foam.
3.  Add sugar, bit by bit, keep whipping.
4. Add yolks, one by one, continue to whip.
5. Melt dark chocolate in microwave oven.
6.  When it cools down, add to eggs mixture.
7. In separate bowl, sift flours, add cocoa powder and baking powder, mix well.
8. Add flour to eggs mixture, bit by bit, mixing gently.
9. Transfer dough to baking tray.
10. Bake in preheated oven in 180 C degrees, about 20 minutes.
11. Meanwhile, prepare tea using instant tea, add sugar and gelatin, mix well.
12. Let it cool down, add yoghurt.
13. Keep in fridge about 1 hour, when it's half set add sesame seeds and mix well.
14. Cut chocolate cake in two. Arrange bottom layer of cake in the baking tray, pour in cream, cover with top layer of cake.
15. Refrigerate overnight.
16. Serve sprinkled with white chocolate flakes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.


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  • Sonja says
    Looks Yummy. Can we say it's healthy because of the green tea? Ha Ha I wish.
  • harksgal says
    This has to be the best looking cake, it looks devine BUT i cannot imageon the green tea icing being very nice. I do like to drink green tea but the two combined is not that apealing to me. But hey i am no professional baker. If i had it my way i would have thought all the ingrediants that are listed but exchange the icing to cream cheese icing. I guess if it says green tea people will think its got to be good for you as green tea seems to be the big health buzz at the moment.
  • New Member says
    I Weally weally wove wheesecake
    • Anna says
      hahahahaha love it
    • Mellow says
      Interestng busy and looks great,..... taste test required
    • KH says
      I agree. Taste test required! Green tea does sound interesting though...
    • Cinty says
      This looks fab. Choccie cake would have to be a definite fave of mine :)
    • Lauren says
      Loving the different layers!
    • Anna says
      yum looks delicious!!

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