How to Tame Curly Hair

Curly questions, answered by the team at Remington NZ

I’ve heard that professionally straightening hair can be very damaging. Is this true, and are their any other options for straightening my hair without spending hours in front of the mirror?

Although most hair professionals consider using heated irons to straighten hair a safe treatment, we suggest using a heat protection spray before using any kind of heated tools on your hair to ensure cuticles retain as much moisture and protein as possible, which help hair stay strong.

It’s also good to use tools with keratin built into them, for example the Remington SMART Sensor with Keratin Therapy Straightener. This unique straightener emits keratin from its infused ceramic plates, and is fitted with a Smart Sensor to help minimize damage while styling. This exclusive technology uses a heat sensor strip to automatically detect your hair’s moisture levels and adjust the temperature to its optimal heat setting. 

Acting like a personal bodyguard for your hair, if you’ve set the temperature too high, as soon as it detects low moisture, the heat setting will drop. Then when it detects normal moisture levels again, it will return to the set temperature. 

I don’t mind the curls, but I can’t stand the frizz! What causes it and what could I be doing to my hair to prevent it?

Curly hair tends to be dry and therefore vulnerable to any kind of heat, as it automatically tries to soak up any moisture it can get. This is why many people suffer from extra frizzy hair in heat and humid weather, as their hair is not getting enough moisture. The same occurs with overuse of heated styling tools, as without special protection the dry heat causes cuticles to expand, which causes frizz. 

The secret to keeping frizz at bay is to keep hair moisturized. Look for an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner, and comb a serum through towel-dried hair, after showering and before styling. 

Of course it’s a bit of an oxymoron to keep hair moisturised while blow-drying it, which is where the new Remington Keratin Therapy Dryer comes into play. It features a built-in keratin infused nozzle ring at the tip of the dryer, which emits protective proteins as you dry and style, simultaneously building body and volume while maintaining its strength and condition. 

The technology in this hair dryer is also tourmaline ionic, meaning it reduces static, frizz, and boosts shine. Tourmaline Crystals are Semi-precious gem-stones, when added to the coating of heat elements and hot air passes over the crystals they release negative ions. Negative ions reduce the size of the water droplets for faster drying, eliminates static, frizz and unmanageable fly-aways and result in smooth, healthy & shiny hair.

Of course it’s also vital to always use a heat-protection spray before any kind of heated treatment.

I really struggle to get a chic updo with curly hair. It all falls out, unless I use a whole can of hairspray, but then my hair looks stiff. Any suggestions?

Try gently tousling a mousse through towel-dried hair before you dry and style it. Mousses are particularly good for fine hair as they help to double the body of hair before the style is complete. The mousse will set as you style your hair, giving a stronger hold from the get go. 

Remington Perfect Curls may also help you, as it effortlessly create gorgeous strong curls, giving you more time to clip these into place exactly where you want them. Once you’ve created your desired look, finish off with a quick spritz of a finishing spray. As your hair already has some hold from the mousse, you don’t need much, so hair remains soft.

What’s the best way to dry curly hair to make the most of my curls?

The best way to dry any kind of hair is to air dry it. This allows the cuticles to relax and hair to soak up any last vitamins and protein from the shampoo and conditioner just used.

However if time doesn’t allow for this, the next best would be to blow dry hair on a low heat, using a diffuser after a quick towel dry. The towel dry should be quick and the towel should just be dabbed on hair to absorb any excess moisture. Don’t rub the towel over your head – this will encourage frizz. A diffuser is especially important for curly hair as the special vents spread heat and air into hair without blowing it out of place, creating knots and encouraging frizz. 

Is there a particular style cut that could bring out my curls without them taking over my head?

It really depends on how curly your hair is and what your face shape is. But generally I think long curly hair if often easier to style than short curly hair. This is because the length weighs down the curls, often resulting in that desirable wavey curl look, which celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Eva Longoria and Beyonce are known for.

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