How to Get the Latest Hair Trends

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How to Get the Latest Hair Trends

By Shelley Levitt for The Style Glossy

How to Get the Latest Hair Trends

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The hair forecast for the coming months range from disheveled long hairstyles to sophisticated volume that revisits beehives. This season is all about choice, says celebrity hairstylist Sam McKnight, who worked at some of the biggest runway shows, including those for Chanel, Mulberry, Prada, Vivienne Westwood and Fendi. “But whatever look you go for,” says McKnight, “it relies on great hair that’s been well cared for.” That means before trying any look, to always use a pre-styling treatment to protect hair from heat damage and to keep hair hydrated.

Get your blow-dryers fired up: Here’s a step-by-step guide to the three biggest hair looks of the upcoming seasons.

Hair Trend No. 1: Power Glam
The perfect accompaniment to tailored, slightly masculine fashion, long hair is both slick and swingy.

Get This Look
1. Comb mousse through towel-dried hair, starting from the hairline, back about 10 to 15 centimetres to just behind your ears. Keep hair slick to the scalp on the top and sides.

2. Gently blow-dry the top of the head with a diffuser attachment.

3. Blow-dry the loose hair until it’s straight, beginning at the nape of the neck.  Apply a smoothing serum, then flat iron the mid-length to the ends.

4. Mist with a shine hairspray. The finished look is slick and smooth on the top and sides, with the ends swinging. 

Hair Trend No. 2: Groomed, Messy Look
It’s a “care less” look, but not a “careless” one. “The hair is easy,” says McKnight, “but there’s work involved in getting it to look this good.”

Get This Look
1. Towel dry freshly washed and conditioned hair.

2. Comb volumising mousse through hair, starting 5 centimetres away from the roots to the ends.

3. Using a large round brush, blow-dry hair away from the face and add a slight bend at the ends.

4. Use fingers to create a messy part and twist hair at the roots to add texture and volume; use the blow-dryer to disrupt any overly coiffed sleekness.

5. Spray a flexible-hold hairspray into the air and walk through the mist.

Hair Trend No. 3: The Blow-up
Influences from the ’60s and early ’70s create a hodgepodge of ladylike but edgy looks. To complement these looks, hair gets voluminous in beehives, bouffants and beyond.

Get This Look
1. Work volumising mousse into towel-dried hair from root to tip.

2. Blow-dry hair with head tipped upside down for maximum volume.

3. Starting at the crown, divide hair into small sections and back comb with a fine-toothed comb, starting 8 centimetres from the root and gently pushing hair to the scalp.

4. Standing back thirty centimetres or more, spritz each section with a volumising hairspray.

5. Using a soft bristle brush, smooth over the top of the hair, brushing backward from the face. Mist again with hairspray.

6. Gather the ends of the hair loosely at the back and secure with a snag-free elastic.

7. Roll hair under and into the nape of the neck, tucking under and securing with bobby pins. 

8. Allow loose tendrils to escape for a look of modern imperfection.

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  • JoCee says
    This is good, my daughter would enjoy this article as she has lovely long hair.
  • Rosie says
    Thanks for all your ideas. I'd love to give this a go.
  • I like the sound of the messy look that sounds like me use your fingers as the tool easy care hair.
  • I like the sound of the messy look that sounds like me use your fingers as the tool easy care hair.
  • I like the sound of the messy look that sounds like me use your fingers as the tool easy care hair.
  • samala says
    I was wanting a major change in hair style, looked through all the magazines until I finally found exactly what I wanted, took the photo to my local hair dresser, it was a very short hair do but looked fantastic. But my hairdresser with picture in hand managed to do a completely different cut and even added a fringe! I hated it, cryed the whole way home and wore a hat for a week until I manged to find a different way of styling it that worked for me. I'll stick to long hair now that I can do hair styles like this or have it up and least it wont take months to grow back! :-)
  • Dee-Dee says
    ...its hard for me to adjust my hair to new styles....I like my hair long...but I do try and play on the different styles I can do with it....but I think if I did take the step of changing my hair in some major way I would probably go for a style I like on someone that has similar type hair and style
  • Its so good to get some really good advice about style which I definitely be sharing!
  • lr says
    I can't believe they use mousse for every style. I used to use it religiously but switched to spray gel. I might give mousse another go as the spray gel can make my hair strawy. Great article - will be taking some of those styling tips onboard! :)
  • Thanks for all the info on hair style trends. I'll experiment on my daughters hair using some Taft product we were lucky enough to win recently.

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