Use a facial moisturiser with SPF daily? What about the rest of your body?

Use a facial moisturiser with SPF daily? What about the rest of your body?

One of the major causes of dry skin for New Zealand women is UVA damage from incidental sun exposure and, unfortunately, it takes less time than most people think for this damage to occur. In summer, UVB rays can cause sunburn in as little as 15 minutes*, with initial UVA damage occurring well within this time frame.

While people are concerned about protecting themselves from the sunburn caused by UVB rays, UVA rays remain much the same regardless of the season, so protection all throughout the year is essential. Consultant Dermatologist Dr Elizabeth Dawes-Higgs explains that protecting skin from sunburn is not the only reason to wear sunscreens: “Sunscreen not only protects against sunburn but also against premature aging and skin cancer formation.”

UVB rays from everyday sun exposure may cause sunburns in the short term and predispose to skin cancer in the long term. UVA rays tend to accelerate the ageing of your skin by damaging collagen and elastin fibres.Collagen and elastin provide skin with structural support and play an important role in the skin strength and elasticity. When collagen and elastin are damaged through UV rays, they are no longer able to bind together properly, gathering in clusters that are are poorly distributed through the skin. The result is a loss of firmness and the gradual appearance of wrinkles.

UVA rays have a very significant impact on dryness and ageing of the skin. In fact, your skin doesn’t even need to burn to show signs of premature ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles, caused by UVA.

We all look after our face using numerous products daily but neglect to look after the skin on our body and protect it in the same way. Vaseline Aloe Fresh Lotion with SPF 15counteracts existing moisture loss, as well as helping to prevent further moisture loss and damage from both UVA and UVB rays.

Vaseline Ambassador Kate Ritchie feels it’s time to stop neglecting our bodies: “These days we are so skin aware and conscientious when it comes to caring for our face by making sure we invest in a facial moisturiser with SPF. We need to start thinking the same way about the skin on the rest of our body. Even a few minutes in the sun can start to dry and damage your skin and that is why a body lotion with SPF protection is an absolute daily essential.”

Vaseline Aloe Fresh Lotion with SPF 15 is a light quick absorbing body lotion enriched with moisturising Aloe Vera, blocking more than 93% of UVA & UVB yet leaving skin silky smooth and hydrated. Apply regularly in all seasons for best results.

For a sheer burst of hydration after exposure to sun, wind or surf, tryVaseline Aloe Fresh Moisturising Body Gel with 100% natural Aloe Vera. The sheer, light formula instantly refreshes and leaves skin feeling soft and fresh.

*may vary with different skin types and conditions  


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