How Many Calories Do I Burn In A Day?

Kaleena Lawless

Personal Training Specialist

Do you want to count calories but you have no idea what numbers to look for? Anybody can count the calories they consume and burn. It's very easy to do, once you know the exact numbers to work with. With these personalized results you can determine how much you need to eat and burn, to see weight loss or mass building results.


Estimating Caloric Requirement

We will use someone that weighs 150lbs and is moderately active, as an example

Step 1- Determine your resting metabolic rate (RMR). This is the amount of calories you consume without exercise per/day. You burn these calories mostly through your brain, digesting food and performing other essential functions.

Body weight (lbs) X 10 calories

150 X 10

1500 calories burned a day

Step 2- Determine the number of calories you burn with daily activities.
On top of you RMR you burn these extra calories based on your lifestyle

Sedentary lifestyle add 20-40 % to RMR

1500 X .2 = 300, 1500 X .4 = 600

=300-600 calories burned/day

Moderate activity add 40 - 60%

1500 X .4=600, 1500 X .6 =900

=600-900 calories burned/day

Very Active add 60-80%

1500 X .6=900, 1500 X .8=1200

900-1200 calories burned/day

Step 3 - Determine the calories you need for purposeful exercise

Cal burned per hour per lb X your weight X exercise time

*To do this step you need to know how many calories are burned per hour, per pound of body weight. Here are a few examples of popular activities:

-Jogging 4.2

-Walking 2.4

-Bicycling 2.7

-Swimming 3.5

-Rowing 3.1

-Golf 2.3

Let's say our 150 lb example is a jogger who runs for 30 minutes

4.2 X 150 X .5

=315 calories burned

Step 4- Add it Up
Add totals from step 1 RMR, step 2 Activity + Step 3 exercise =Today's caloric requirement.

1500 + 600 (moderately active) + 315

= 2415 calories needed per/day

So now if you are trying to lose or gain weight you have a number of calories that needs to be reduced by 500/day for weight loss and increased by 500/day for mass building.

Keep in mind that these numbers are approximate. If your weight or activity levels change the numbers will too. So always check back to updates.

Good Luck!

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