How Long Does it Take to Get Fitness Results?

Kaleena Lawless

Personal Training Specialist

I get asked this a lot and the answer is, it really depends on what you are training for and whether the exerciser is a beginner.

Aviva Sinay

Weight loss

Good news! Weight loss results are the fastest to achieve. In theory you can lose 1/2lb to 2lbs in the first week if you are eating less calories than you burn, in addition to exercise. This usually applies to beginner exercisers who have drastically changed their diet but not necessarily. Some people lose weight easily by making these changes regardless of their exercise history. For other people it may take a little longer, up to 6 weeks.

Muscle Mass/Tone

With consistent training 2 to 3 times a week, you can expect to see results in 4 to 12 weeks. Again, beginners will notice changes very quickly, whereas exercise veterans have to work harder to "shock" their conditioned body in to changing. Weight lifting usually results in strength increases before muscle tone but feeling good about yourself happens right away.


Flexibility is probably the slowest progressing discipline in fitness. Our flexibility has a genetic predisposition and also, our muscles are used to be being tight. Stretching has to be performed very gently on warm muscles and done without tearing or pulling any muscle fibers. Every time you stretch you should be able to reach a little farther but after hitting the "flexibility plateau" it then helps to have someone assist your stretching (Like PNF stretching) to help push past your normal threshold.

Wellness and Psychological

Fortunately this is experienced right away. From the first workout you feel good! This is very motivating as exercisers notice this immediately and keep coming back for more. Benefits of exercise such as energy, relaxation, clear thinking and better sleep patterns are noticed in the first week and ultimately are just as good if not better than any weight loss of muscle toning goal.

There are other factors that can effect results such as experience or working out with a personal trainer, body type and limitations due to injury or medical conditions. As a whole most people will see results within three months.

So Start Exercising Today!

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