Five Fantastic Fitness Classes To Try At Least Once

Kaleena Lawless

Personal Training Specialist

Classes whether at a gym or studio, are a great for keeping workouts on track. Classes will push you farther than you would go on your own, and are an affordable alternative or supplement, to your fitness training sessions.

The Aerobics Girls Warmin' It UpFive Fantastic Classes to Try

1. BodyPump at Goodlife

It seems like everywhere I turn someone is raving about BodyPump classes at Goodlife. These workouts incorporate weight lifting into the traditional gym fitness class. Side effects of this class may include fatigued muscles and great results.

2. Ashtanga yoga

Even if you can't make it out for an hour and a half class at a yoga studio, Ashtanga or power yoga, is a great workout that strengthens, tones and lengthens muscles. I'm a student of this discipline and Ashtanga instructors are knowledgeable and professional. All studios I have attended have a great atmosphere, and classes are offered throughout the day for your convenience.

3. Martial Arts

Most studios offer a trial class to get you started. I tried an Aikido class and couldn't walk for a week. That was from the warm up alone! Not only do martial arts studios teach you how to defend yourself they offer challenging workouts, that build a mean physique. Some studios are even equipped with their own gyms.

4. Dance

Whether it be hip hop, salsa or belly dancing, dance classes will free your body, mind and soul.
Learn new ways to impress your friends and family while toning, burning fat and gently strengthening your body.

5. Group Personal Training

Is it a class or is it personal training? It's both! The wonderful thing about small group personal training is the middle ground between a big class with no personal attention, and a better price than one on one. Small group personal training can also be convenient for you, in your home, backyard or condo facilities.

These five types of classes could be a one time thing, or you may find a new passion. Many people go to a martial arts, dance or personal training class not expecting much but soon find that they can't get enough!

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  • KH says
    I've only tried one of these. Must be time to test of the rest...
  • Anna says
    Ive tried a couple but need to try more... love the ideas behind them all!!
  • Cinty says
    Dance is great. I love Zumba. Have also tried yoga and felt like a total sissy. Won't be doing that one again! Will stick to Zumba or try the body pump.
  • KH says
    I really would like to give some of these a go. Just need to motivate myself to go off and try them on my own as there isn't anyone I'll be able to drag along with me!
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