Put a Höpt in your step


Put a Höpt in your step - Love a refreshing soft drink but conscious of the sugar load and artificial ingredients? Find water unrewarding and not special enough? Enter Hopt Sodas: a revitalising range of 'clean' sodas made with delicious natural flavours and less than half the sugar of leading regular soft drinks. Ultimately designed to be drunk together with friends, the word Hopt is an ancient skldic word that's thought to mean 'connected'.

Hopt sodas launch exclusively in New Zealand this March and have been crafted by a team in Auckland, Tokyo and melbourne - blending together real hop extracts with intriguing flavour combinations including: Salted Lychee, Pear & Basil, Watermelon & Mint and Elderberry & Herb.

Hopt Sodas contain natural flavours and colours, and fuse together real hops with premium ingredients like natural fermented rice extract, to help make them crisp and refreshing. The result is a rewarding, special taste - unexpected, sophisticated and well-suited to the modern lifestyle.

Available wherever great beverages are sold, Hopt Soda offers a perfect clean-living drink alternative.

RRP At selected bars, New World supermarket and specialty foodstores.

RRP $6.99 for a 4 pack in foodstores.


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