Green Drink: The Simplicity of Fruits and Vegetables

Becki Andrus

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Studies have shown that a diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits helps to fight heart disease, hypertension, and certain cancers and speed the healing of digestive problems. The extra bonus is the affects that they have on the skin and bones, including the ability to level blood sugars while actually reducing cravings for sweets. Reportedly, the servings for a combined daily diet of fruits and vegetables are for at least a total of eight servings a day.

Fruit & Vegetable Box

Leafy greens and dark-skinned vegetables are the richest in antioxidants and hold the most nutrients. Low-sugared fruits like cranberries can level off sugars in the body and aid in keeping that sweet tooth at bay. Often time, individuals develop digestive problems when it comes to leafy greens and fruits because of the fibrous content they hold.

The key to the easy consumption of leafy greens and low-sugar content fruits are to use them in creative and delicious green drinks. These individuals have found that green drinks made from the leafy greens and fibrous fruits are easy to make and consume. The leafy greens and fruits they love to eat can be more readily consumed in a nutritious drink.

The simplicity of fruits and vegetables are found in the expansive varieties of green drinks an individual can create from these fruits and vegetables. Healthy drinks with fruits and vegetable blends are being marketed by companies for the general public. An Individual who likes to experiment with combinations of fruits and vegetables will enjoy creating green drinks for consumption.

This allows them to know just what gets put into their healthy drink as they make green drinks for the whole family. Minerals and vitamins found in fruits and vegetables contain B-complex vitamins and anti-cancer compounds that are needed by the body to fight off autoimmune diseases. They also provide the needed allotted amounts of trace minerals and vitamins the body needs to fight off chronic flu and colds that attack their immune system.

Green drinks take full advantage of the simplicity of daily fruit and vegetable intakes by quickly introducing them into the body. The circulatory system and digestive system greatly benefit from the liquid goodness of green drinks. Individuals who regularly combine leafy greens and low-sugared fruits for green drinks lose weight and keep chronic diseases at bay.

Fruits and vegetables also contain what is known as carotenoids, which are rich antioxidants that lower the chances for strokes and heart diseases. With the consumption of a simple blend of leafy green vegetables and low-sugared fruits, individuals can lower their risks of the development of blood clots, which have been known to cut off oxygen supply to the brain, causing ischemic strokes. These strokes are the most common type of strokes that affect individuals who do not regularly keep check on their blood pressure or sugar levels.

Experts agree that individuals should try to simplify their daily intake of fruits and vegetables by diversifying the ways that they consume these fruits and vegetables. Green drinks are a creative diverse way to utilize the daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

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  • Mellow says
    This article to simplify our daily intake of fruits and vegetables is worthy a look. It may convert us to change, at least giving it a try
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    Green drinks sound really good to me.
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    great way to get those vegetables!!

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