Developing a Whole Foods Vegetarian Diet

Deciding to become a vegetarian is a major step. There are so many people that want to stop eating meat that they don't know how. Oftentimes, the fact that people are not knowledgeable about how to eliminate meat from their diet is one of the major reasons why some many people fail at incorporating a vegetarian diet into their lifestyle. Anyone that wants to change the types of foods they consume on a daily basis needs to have a firm plan as to how they were going to do this. There are a variety of ways in which people can begin the process of eliminating meat from their diet and incorporating more whole foods vegetarian style. The following are some tips to help people develop a healthy whole foods based vegetarian diet.

vegetarian tempeh lettuce wraps

1. Make Sure You Understand Your Diet- There are many people that desire to adopt both a whole foods and vegetarian diet, but they are not knowledgeable about these diets are composed of. It is very important for individuals to take the time to become familiar with both of these diets and what they encompass in order to obtain the most health benefits from following diets. Most people are aware that a vegetarian diet consists of eating little to no animal products such as beef, pork, turkey, fish and poultry. A whole food diet is based around eating foods that are all natural without being treated with chemicals and preservatives. It is possible for individuals to be vegetarian but not follow a whole foods diet. Thus, it is very important for people to understand what these diets encompass in order to be able to follow them correctly.

2. Develop a Food Plan- Although it is often called the whole foods diet, it is actually a lifestyle. In order for people to actually be successful at combining vegetarianism and whole foods eating together it is important to establish what types of food one can consume. In general, most of the foods that are consumed in a vegetarian diet can also be consumed in a whole foods diet with a few exceptions. Dairy products should be consumed at a minimal. Likewise, although many vegetarians may consume soy based foods such as tofu, in a whole foods food plan soy items are usually avoided. Once individuals have an idea as to which foods they can consume then they can begin the process of purchasing foods that are both vegetarian and whole foods friendly.

3. Prepare Food Properly- One of the main keys to following a whole foods based vegetarian diet is to make sure that one prepares foods in the correct manner. Proper preparation is essential for ensuring that the food meets whole food guidelines. In general, individuals should avoid using any type of processed food. Fruits and vegetables should be fresh instead of canned or dried. Foods should be prepared using healthy oils such as extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. Proper preparation is key to effectively combining both a vegetarian and whole foods diet.

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  • vickym says
    Great article...adding those ideas to my new years resolution list now...
  • New Member says
    Well, Developing a Whole Foods Vegetarian Diet is easier, much easier said than done. Although the regime which had employed works pretty great in comparison.
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  • New Member says
    This leads to the question: Is the vegan diet healthy after all?Is the vegan diet healthy? This can easily be answered after observing the evident physical and emotional health of a vegan. Iron is not easily absorbed by the body and needs vitamin C to get the most benefit out of the iron raw vegan diet

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