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I can summarize the most successful people I’ve ever known with one trait: the willingness to challenge mainstream ideas. This has been the key to everything good in my life too: I changed my health and drastically reduced my carbon footprint when I stopped eating like everyone else around me and became vegetarian (and eventually vegan). I simplified my life when I stopped believing what the majority of people believe, that buying stuff makes you happier, more secure, look better in the eyes of others, etc. Eva & I improved our kids’ learning environment when we went against the mainstream and started unschooling. We improved our health... read full article


The Willingness to Think Differently

Good on Leo for making such changes to his and his family's lives. I bet they are happier than most people they know. I was aware from a very young age that I think differently from others (and I try to encourage it when I see it in young people) and am generally not afraid to question people's views and tell them exactly what I think. It doesn't necessarily make you popular but I am true to myself. Will be reading up on unschooling as I hadn't heard of it before!



I am happy to be able to say that i was raised to be open minded, to think for myself and to not be afraid to test out new ideas. It has certainly made my life a lot more interesting, and i find that i am more tolerant of others who are more closed minded.



Yeah, it's too easy to just fall back into habits and play safe. Great inspiring article.

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