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Have you ever wanted to know what goes on inside the average kiwi bedroom? Then read on, because this week I’m giving you the inside scoop on the five most popular sex toys keeping kiwi couples warm at night. 5. Remote Controlled Toys In at number five is the remote controlled sex toy. It’s not hard to imagine why these wireless toys are so popular amongst the sexually adventurous. Handing over the control of your pleasure to a partner ups the anticipation and excitement factor. And if you’re the one with the remote, having that power and pleasure at your fingertips can be a real turn-on - especially if you are in a public place,... read full article


The Top Five Couple's Sex Toys




I thought the we vibe would be number one!



Hadn't realised the vbrating cock ring was such a popular choice.


it makes it so nice for the girl imo!!


Good to know!



its always hard to start the toys idea... but once you start its hard to stop!! add so much fun!!



So do you go for buying online, yourself? Shop alone?? Drag someone in with you??



lol ive done all buying online... with my partner and alone.... its fun to buy with your partner... but can be a bit daunting... online is good coz its not so embarrassing ... but sometimes you dont get exactually what you think your getting... and alone i guess can be embarrassing aswell... i guess its not the simplest thing... but i did like shopping with my guy and choosing together... the next shop he wanted to go to was an electronic place to get a camera =P


Sarah G

Hi all, hey just remember if you need any advice about making a purchase, feel free to give us a call here at sexgear.co.nz and I can give you any advice you need!


Thanks. Good to know! I was addicted to that shooting the bunnies game that was up...must have been round easter? Just could not get every bunny...!

I think we need another competition like that!


Sarah G

yes that was our Easter Bunny Game - we had a really good response for it! Bit of a laugh :)


It was hilarious! Loved it!



I would call the cock ring, lube and the traditional vibrator as essential sex toys and would definitely be up there with the top five but I reckon there are other good couple toys like the fantasy swing, bondage lingerie, whips and him and her massage rings etc...


New Member

With regards to sexual activity moves, it's very best when given to a loving companion. Without that love, The best strokers online, particularly if we're measuring satisfaction gained versus money put in! Would strongly recommend

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