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For years I had a mild-to-medium case of insomnia, often staying up late watching crappy television and eating junk food because I couldn’t fall asleep, no matter how tired I was. It is miserable. You walk through the day like a zombie, unable to function properly. You desperately try to sleep but nothing works. Sleeping pills leave you feeling drugged out. My first simple cure was running. I’d try to get up 15 minutes earlier each day to run, and the running would leave me very tired but I still had a day ahead of me. I’d be so exhausted by bedtime that I slept instantly. Hard exercise is a great fix for insomnia. Recently I’ve... read full article


The Simplest Cure for Insomnia

I really struggle to get to sleep some nights. I'll give it a go! Wonder how many times my mind will wander off before I remember what I supposed to be doing though!



I remember a friend telling me something like that too when I was having problems sleeping, she said to go back through a car journey, remebering everything you passed - each street you went down, its a interesting idea. My trouble is my memory I cant even remember what I did this morning hehe



haha same here with the memory! I'd struggle!



I struggle with insomnia too. I lay awake at night watching god only knows what on tele. Kinda hard to fall asleep next to a snoring hubby though!



Snoring would keep me up! I'm a really light sleeper.



what keeps me up is thinking too much!!!



my daughter keeps sleeping sooooo late these nights! will have to give these a go!



Did you know that the average time it takes anyone to get to sleep is supposed to be only three minutes. We often doze off however and wake again believing that we haven't slept at all.

I find the best thing to send me to sleep is either reading a book (how many times have I awoken to the "thunk" of my book as it hit the floor); or doing the puzzle page from the newsaper. Sometimes I only get one or two puzzles done but invariably after the two word puzzles, the crossword, the codebreaker and finally the suduko puzzles (usually half way through the second, medium hard one), I can no longer keep my eyes open.

Doing these activities gives me a buzz every day. I finish them with a sense of satisfaction. Better still, because I have been concentrating on something totally unrelated to the worries and stress of the day so my mind is clear and ready for sleep.



i never ever fall asleep in 3 mins... my partner does tho... in about 10 seconds actually haha hes soo lucky!!



I'll often lie WIDE awake for hours. I'll be so tired going to bed and as soon as I'm there....no chance of sleep and no chance I've dozed off even for a few seconds. I love sleeping, just wish I found it a little easier!

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