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The aim of 2011’s The Muppets was to resurrect the age-old Muppet brand, giving fresh new life to the titular gang, reinvigorating old fans, and promoting the formation of a new fan-base to keep Jim Henson’s joyous creations alive for a long time to come. Scripted by self-proclaimed Muppet fanatics Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller (who wrote Forgetting Sarah Marshall), this new Muppet adventure ticks all the proverbial boxes - there are plenty of inside jokes, guest stars, and lines which break the fourth wall, not to mention it’s filled with a feeling of victory as the comical critters prove they still have what it... read full article


The Muppets

I have to say I did enjoy this Movie,it was great seeing the old characters back....I don't think I would watch the show if it was on TV every week..But my kids might.
I think for me it was a nostalgic trip.!!!


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